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AuthorFinancial assist
Player: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=5778387

He's just a CL3, but he already knows high level players, that suggest it's an alternative account.

If it's an alternative account 3 violations.
1. No description in profile.
2. Estate renting.
3. Items renting.

Beyond that, this account his purchasing items, and giving away, beyond his gift limit of CL.
Besides, who the heck would keep buying items and giving away for free?


2021-06-23 23:17: Transferred item: 'Warrior pendant' [50/50] for Nightbringer
2021-06-23 23:17: Transferred item: 'Mithril longsword' [70/70] for Nightbringer
2021-06-23 22:53: Acquired item: "Sword of stiffness" [40/40] for 3956 gold from Caaxov as lot #108861695
2021-06-23 22:50: Acquired item: "Warrior pendant" [50/50] 2 pcs. for 16662 gold from NHunter as lot #108861466
2021-06-23 22:50: Acquired item: "Mithril longsword" [70/70] 2 pcs. for 34980 gold from sworder as lot #108840377
Also he's a CL3. Bought CL 9 - 10 items, to give away.
That's weird.
This guy is giving me it like "for tactical help" for his HIGH-lvl characters, but he is got banned for BoW (idk in english) and create new acc.

I already send this items to Empire without any problems: https://prnt.sc/1aicsul
Use ur brain, he send this items because they have good economic for selling in market, and have good price for it. But i just stay afk with this, i join to game only for chatting. Its cant be my multiacc, because my protocols is clear and i dont play battle's.
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