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AuthorHunter's reward!
Sophisticated hunters of the Empire are now difficult to surprise with anything - and most of them did not have any particular problems with setting new, previously unseen records. Well, the traditional competition of bragging about results will be more interesting. So the goal of the event was accomplished in full - and the gossip of the troublemakers quickly completely disappeared as well as their presence on the lands of the Empire. Apparently, even they could not resist the unique solemn atmosphere of the last days.

Lords and Ladies, the hunting season is officially closed! The Hunters' Guild would like to thank everyone who took part in this glorious competition and helped make the forests of the Empire safer. Everyone who scored at least 15 points is rewarded an unique achievement and a trophy artifact of the forest. The durability of the artifact depends on the number of points scored.

Glory to the best hunters in the Empire!
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