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Events are popping up faster now.
Back to back FFA!
It is a different format this time. You rescue a hero at the first battle who becomes part of your team. Looks like a male verdima in development. And the second battle sees a tent that pops out new troops.

I'm very offended by how badly you misspelled my name.

I almost got it right. :)
I just hope Kh'Everst is smart enough to learn Implosion.
What are we spending our points on? Initiative seems unimportant, but maybe thats because i'm an elf. Attack and defense are obviously nice, but the extra troops are as well.
Khervest was one of the councilmen of the queen wasnt it so?
Yes, he is one of the Councilor of Her Majesty

Pfft, CL 11 councillor with shit guilds, let someone be able to challenge him for the spot xD
You don't need stats when you have 7000 dragons
I stand corrected the record is 9148... He needs some stats ;)
Initiative seems unimportant, but maybe thats because i'm an elf.

Elf is the faction that relies the most on initiative actually. You shoot first, you win, you shoot last, you lose. Classic relies a bit less on it than charmer but it's still very important.

As elf I would rate attack > initiative > defense.

Recruit count is the best of the bundle IMO, it translates into more attack and more defense but tends to become quickly expensive.
Does the robbers pouch work in this event?
Expanding on Marquis' point on rec count, it's good to note that troop count is rounded, so it's not always the best choice until you can have enough to round up your strong units up by one. Example, having base 24 ogres, recruit counts 7% to 10% will all give me 26 ogres so it's pointless to put more points in
Victories / Combats: 10 / 15

The cart mechanism got me by surprise and led to a few defeats. It's annoying that it doesn't have fixed deployments or breaks down like towers.
I would appreciate if there was more detail about:

"the more actively he performs certain actions in battle, the more effectively his skills in using a combat staff, as well as Darkness and Chaos magic, will be restored"

I understand it with magic: more spells, more mana, spellpower...

But, how the other stats work?
is it better to keep him alive or gets hitpoints if dies?
In the last event there was a maximum amount of "points" distributed to determine what boost he gets. So that doing everything meant Vidomina would not shine at anything. Also dying meant that you got fewer points from the battle.
Nothing like getting stuck on single digit lvls at the start of event.
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