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for latviesu lords:
to get high score yes u are forced to play
not forced to get high score
can't believe putting on enchants makes the event way more fun

Victories / Combats: 62 / 91
Attempts left: 71
Individual place: ~1,583
Well, the fights were a breeze up until 51. Now I'm suddenly facing heroes of lvl 20 (I'm lvl 8), so the difference in attack/defense to me is over 40. I can only tickle enemy troops and even farmers hit like a truck. Not sure if this difficulty spike is intended or if my mistake was training the DE in dark magic instead of chaos, but I guess I'm finished. Was good fun for the first 50 stages though.
Its probably intended and the damage from chaos would probably not have scaled so darkness was again probably better

Not played the event just seen and read stuff but thats my 2 cents nonetheless xD
so..what was..is better then? :) if i somehow find some spare time...probbly wont :)
for latviesu lords:
DUH I know bro, I said if u want high score u are FORCED.

U want imperial part or LG stacks? u are FORCED.
Doesn't sound like you're enjoying the game maybe take a break?
for merlin36:
I have no choice, I am so close to completing my heaven set, I dont play the game anymore lmao only events
Even playing one card game a week counts as playing the game let alone playing events competitively :P

Anyways, I hope youТll learn to love the game again :)
Stuck at level 47 any help as tried every faction should i cover lower levels ?? For more points
Stuck at level 47 any help as tried every faction should i cover lower levels ?? For more points

As for myself, I always prefer to do the extra fights, than lose the same amount of time losing at higher levels ;)

Here is my fight, maybe it will help:
This fight looked easy at first until elephants started moved towards dark elf. I had to move my tin cans all across the battlefield to save him.


50+ fight were quite fun with shop arts :)

Anyone got such intresting fights to share ?
Does the hero keep improving after lvl 50?

I tried to build a bit of everything:


Should I focus more on darkness spells now? More initiative?

(I'm at lvl 40 now)
event is done for me. mele everst is pile of garbage.
for Supercampione:
12 initiative is good enough, pump ur darkness spells. annd yes, improving
Did anyone check what happens with Kh'Everst if you wipe the opponent before he gets his turn?
interesting fight, lesson learnt-dnt play against same faction, fsl resist is huge :(
Does it give 4 diamonds as reward for completing lvl 50?
no only 1 for 40 and 1 for 50
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