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AuthorNew event
for jahadad:
easy win level 50 on attempt 34...if i can do it you can do it :)

LOL bro, now that's dedication! :)
Victories / Combats: 60 / 156
Attempts left: 0
Individual place: ~644
Clan points: 60
for jahadad:
O_O oh god

Really appreciate your sharing. I decided to give up lv 50 until I saw you passed it!
Well, 60 was a bit more frustrating :) 17 tries before I got past.
I think the event was designed in a way that you'd have to lose many battles after lvl 50 to buff up the Khalifa to the point it makes it easier to clear those levels. Eg, Resurrection and Teleportation spells unlocked pretty late for those who went with Holy build but some levels would've been impossible without these particular spells
lv50. https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1197776863&show_for_all=L4c3960ad45
it was a pain...
Not really tried LeG events befor any tips on units to use and any clever stratergies/combos?

There are a few main archetypes, what you will use will depend on what you have and should be adaptated to what you face:
- shooter army: elven bows, knight's crossbows/wardens... Add single blockers like ghost of the pharaoh units that resurect themselves, 3rd unit can be a buffer or another shooter. To kill mostly melee armies, preferably slow or large creatures

- large shield army: swordmen, dwarven T1,... Against shooter armies. If you don't have large shield you can replace with very meaty stacks like invaders or zombies

- defense negating army: lizards, anything poisoning, magis, gremlin mines, sometimes you can also use temptress,... Against heroes with low HP but high stats. The same strategy can be used against monsters but then you might need to mix in with another archetype if it does not have hero (you will need something to deal with lots of HP with low parameters).

- anti-mage army: 2 high HP units, 3rd unit is vermins split. Designed to survive until mana is drained.

- no retal army: shrews, their alt, air elemental,... DE hunt style, against zombies & co.

- gnolls: gnolls everywhere. Against practically no shooters, preferably slow armies. Abuse pack power.

Overall there are a few must have units you will mostly use. You just need to know what is good and when to use it.
Victories / Combats: 66 / 135
Individual place: ~596
Clan points: 66

I started with holy build, then changed to chaos build, it took many losses to get chain lightning, but i thought it was more fun :D
stopping here becasue lack of needed units to continiue...

Victories / Combats: 54 / 68

was lucky...50 on 1st try..thanks to mellor and others who helped
They might as well call this leader event from now on the gnoll shaman and leprechaun event. If you don't got them you might as well not play it. Also if you don't get any mass spells you will not pass 45.
And with tons of losses to everyone the only one making a profit is the administration.
I used the event page (https://daily.heroeswm.ru/wartab), log in, put all my combats in there, and after my balance starts become negative, i stopped. And LAO because i didn't reach mass rapid at that point.
Combats: 77
Wins: 47
Gold received: 71990
Gold spent: 72174
Balance: -184

They might as well call this leader event from now on the gnoll shaman and leprechaun event.
Very true, most seen unit in the event combats was gnoll shaman. I wonder why goblin warlock has leadership double than this unit, which seems far more useful.
Very interesting event with Khalifa build up. Thumbs up for the admins!
Awards were dispensed:
Hah..Looks kike last 35 battles were for free...if you played all of them...and after 51
"Abu-Bakir will return gold for resurrection for all battles with 41st attempts over opponents from level 51. That is, if a Lord or Lady has fought 75 battles after level 50, gold from the last 35 battles will be returned to him."
Haha, one needed to do 75 battles after level 50 to get gold from 35 battles back. Even with the gold back from those you still end up at a major loss.
I guess tons of people made it known how the administration is ripping people off that they suddenly decided to give some of the gold back. Even if it is a 'you give 3 and get 2 back' kind of deal.
well...i usualy find those LG events profitable, but i dont push for tp score, since i miss quite some decent units in last events.

I stop when i see i dont have troops to pass...i use daily...its not that fun event, i take it more as farming one.

I have gnoll shamans, this helps...

Regarding leprechaun and sartrys...i try to avoid battles with them if possible - usualy my luck and mora doesnt triggers :) i search for battle without it...if possible.

so this last event 37k profit + 3 diamonds. Could be more, since i did some stupid mistakes in between also
for markec111:
that's good.

Congrats on finishing the event with profit :)
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