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AuthorLeaders' Tournament
It says in the description of the tournament that creatures don't die. Does this include common creatures? I'd like to think so, but since they cannot be revived normally, I have to question it.

They are also fairly cheap with leadership points, so if they do not die then I could use massive quantities as a strategy, right?

Is there a winning formula that anyone can share such that it comes down to RNG?
usually people abuse high value units for low cost such as mountian sentries, lodestone golems pikemen, one eyed pirates zombie pirates, corsairs sailor devils elite crossbows, orc tyrants. these units all have insane value for the cost be it in health damage or all of the above. genies are also crazy as you only need like 27 of them to debuff entire enemy squad for the whole fight with 3 stacks of 9
You don't loose troops in tournament fights, so no resurrection cost involved.
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