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Military Expedition


AuthorMilitary Expedition
Lord ragnaros, awesome fight!

Nice score man
for Lord Ragnaros:

Tough fight, good strategy. Gg
top 100 without any premium sets. not bad
overall a fun event

92 wave ^

This event, speed of enemy troops was increasing in hero battles too. Can see in above example how Swashbucklers went from 5 speed to 6 speed.

Nice strategy, thanks to slayerofall!
This event, speed of enemy troops was increasing in hero battles too.
Am not sure how it works.. I played Shop battle and stretched it quite a bit. But speed remained the same.

Maybe only FFA battles speed increased?!!

Rewards out, Ring of anomaly
Why didn't top 100 get max dura ring? This is bs
91st place only 76/76 lol? XD
91st place only 76/76 lol? XD

It's a joke
91st place only 76/76 lol? XD

Good arts, full dura only for top50. Git gud nub ;)
So reducement from top 100 to top 50. Good one. Here is to making it top 10 or even 5 only. And those battles with AI stacks of thousands, even 14k outriders, it must have taken an hour to play them. The admins must really enjoy it we play this as if it is our daily jobs. Here is to next events chores, may it even last longer than any before.
longest one for me was probably 92 and that took about 40 mins

for Lawton:
Hey, it's up to you if you want to play an event or not. You can play the bare minimum till the point an event is enjoyable. I played till level 50. The battles were not too long, event was profitable and enjoyable too.
for Blindspot:
I think Lawton point is correct mate, as fights were you need to play defensive and run around a deadly stack for hundreds of turns is quite boring. And when a game goes from being fun to being boring...it's a problem.

Indeed we have the option to stop, but it would be better if admins will fix this kind of situations in the first place.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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