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AuthorHappy Valentine's Day!
The World does not stand still, as progress advances, the ages change one after another, and at the same time so do manners. But for all that, some things always remain the same - feelings that are characteristic of almost all mortals, and sometimes even immortals. Timid, ardent, pure, tender, passionate - in all their multifaceted grandeur, they are powerful even over those who sincerely believe that they are beyond their control. Some consider them a gift from heaven, others tricks of demons, but once a year, when the frosts are still hard and the thoughts are already in captivity of the imminent spring, all these ideas find their wondrous embodiment in a holiday called Saint Valentine's Day.

Lords and Ladies, today the Empire traditionally celebrates a wonderful holiday - St. Valentine's Day, which is dedicated to love and to all those who have been captivated by this beautiful feeling. Do not be afraid to reveal your feelings to your loved ones, and if you still have doubts, today is the best time to overcome them. Only the evil spirits of doubt, who have stolen all the holiday valentines cards, can prevent you from doing so. Any Lord or Lady from the 3rd combat level can challenge them and win back their right to a special expression of feelings. To do this, you need to come to their lair, located on the border of Dragons`s caves and Magma Mines locations and fight them. After defeating a squad of demons, you can return one stolen valentine card and give it to a representative of the opposite sex. An additional reward for winning can be gold or a creature's armament. Those who do not want to spill blood on this holiday day can try to negotiate with the spirits and simply buy the romantic cards back from them (up to 30 pcs.). In addition, so that not a single valentine card earned is wasted, The Hunter's Guild will give +0.25 Guild Points for each gifted card.

As it has become traditional, the Lord and Lady who will have received the most cards will be named Valentines of 2022! Only signed Valentine's cards will be credited; these cards will be displayed in the character's personal information page for a week.

Happy Valentine's to all loving and loved ones!
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