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Pirate hunt


AuthorPirate hunt
Seriously, why can't we specify what level players can join our attack? Otherwise it's just suicide.
Seriously, why can't we specify what level players can join our attack? Otherwise it's just suicide.
for Tuor:
because the more you lose, the more gold you drain. the less gold you have, the stronger the urge to buy diamonds to get your gold back. more losses equals less event reward in gold and less durability on the artefact if you receive one for the event/
not sure is it a bug or only my problem, i cant click the Lead attack button..
i only can join others..
If you join a clan in the middle of this event, do they not get your full points?
Yeah, confirmed :(
Weird system.
good system. prevents top scorers from a bunch of clans from flooding to another clan to try and dethrone ukraine from top spot.
Same should be applied for every event.. those GS spammers maybe will stop recruiting mid-event atleast by mass spamming.
where the final result will be equal to the amount of silver earned Top 100 Clan Lord and Ladies (whether there was a clan application or not);
I feel the news is same as always ... The language should be different.
Strong penalty on those who start the event clanless, I wouldn't have started event if I knew.
If I play the even with random partner, will it benefit the clan in any way?
for Bheem:
The points you earn still count for the clan.
for Tuor:
- Spend a lot of time looking for a partner your level
- Get bored and lead an attack or join a player of a different level
- Get smacked
- Repeat

I played only with random partners, as my time is pretty inconsistent, so I can't have a true partner.
I think the trick is NOT to create the battle. Just join someone that is compatible with you.
For me as a dwarf, I found that the easiest battles I have when joining an elf that is 1 level lower than me. We finish the fight with around 60% of our armies left.
Thanks for help. Unfortunately, this does not work if everyone is doing it :) I did only lead one attack and it was a disaster being paired with a level 9. So far it seems anyhing other than another level 6 is much harder. I might quickly level up to 7, maybe it will be better than.
this event is probably a massive profit if you get good score
For upgrades, is it better to go cannons first or save for net gun first?
Anyone knows how ranks work? I have seven losses so far and have rank senior boatswain (X.). The current top player has at least five losses and is 3 ranks higher.
for bp99:
For upgrades, is it better to go cannons first or save for net gun first?

This is what I did:
I've noticed that in the beginning a canon does quite some damage, compared to our 50% crew. So I bought a cannon after upgrading my ship capacity to 70%. After about 30 battles a cannon is nice to have, but doesn't do much damage.
After upgrading my ship capacity to 90%, I saved for a net cannon. If my random teammates would have done the same, we could have won a lot more fights. It's a big difference between having 100% crew and 3 cannons, compared to 90% crew and a net cannon that can keep a deadly enemy stack out of combat for around 10-12 of your army turns.
For upgrades, is it better to go cannons first or save for net gun first?

Best strategy should be get 100% troops then start building canons. When you have enough crystals for 100% troops + net canon, then reset the stats, get 100% troops and net canon, and after that start getting normal canons again.
3 luck enemy looks more like 20 luck enemy....:

Was there a chance to win this fight?
Thank you all for suggestions. I went 100% troops first and the saved all the way to a net gun. Haven't lost any battles since I got the net :D
Done. Mostly with random partners. Clan members are hard to find at my play time :(
The result is not too bad.

Your rank: Boatswain

Silver Total: 2,536

Victories / Combats: 63 / 80
Individual place: ~565
good parner is hard to find these days rhats why i do not like those 2v2 events
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