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Forum is the main site of communication between players. Visiting the forum, you will always be au courant of all events, get assistance in issues you're interested in, complain illegal actions of other players or just express your ideas upon the project's amelioration. The Administration is regularly checking the forum, answering difficult questions when required and commenting newly installed features.

After entering the forum by following the link of the same name at the top screen bar, you will see a page with the list of the main forum branches. The list displays the branch name with a brief comment on the discussion topics; the latest topic of the branch with the author's name and date and time of the last post in it; the total of all topics in the branch. Inside any branch you will find a list of all the topics in that branch that displays topic's name, date and time of creation, topic creator's name, the total of posts in the topic, as well as date and author of the latest post.

Important topics of administrative type are clipped at the top of the branch and are marked with a paper clip symbol. Such topics should be read right away, as they carry information on the game process that isn't posted anywhere else. If the message contains any rulings, they automatically become an addendum to the forum rules, for as long as the post exists.

Topics marked by a lock are locked, so no new posts can be left. The Administration, moderators, and the topic creators can lock topics. The Administration and moderators can also delete posts, move topics into other branches and ban characters (temporarily prohibiting players to leave messages at the forum). In all forum branches without exception there's a filter function that blocks foul language, and we do not recommend to test its functioning. Rules of behavior at the forum are described in the corresponding reference section.

Characters below combat level 3 cannot leave messages in any forum branches except "Queries and help".
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