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Winter is long gone, its bitter cold having given way to warm and hazy spring days. But on the outskirts of the Empire, robbers in their damp and dreary dens remember the walloping they got which almost condemned their people to death from cold and starvation. Sadly, vermin are difficult to eradicate completely. The bandits rustled up some provisions, survived the winter and even managed to recruit more desperate cutthroats in their ranks. Others might have learned a lesson from such a defeat, but these robbers seem to be blinded by vengeance, coupled of course with their endless desire to loot, plunder and pillage. It became clear that sooner or later they would raid our settlements again, and judging from our border patrol reports this day is here.

Lords and Ladies, innocent civilians of the Empire are again under attack from robbers and in need of your protection! Warlord Grammith calls on everyone who can bear arms to step into the breach and shield our villages from bandit scum. We must preserve as many lives and resources as possible!

1. You need to be of combat level 5 or above to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments take no effect.
2. Your starting village population is 1,000.
3. 10% of the current civilian population will join you in every battle to help defend the village.
4. All battles are 1 on 1.
5. After every battle, the surviving villagers collect 1 resource for each 10 people. Each house that is still standing increases the village population by 30.
6. You can spend resources to rebuild houses, erect and rebuild towers, increase their damage and health, and give them new abilities.
7. Rebuilding costs 10 resources per house and 20 resources per tower.
8. You can fight up to 12 battles daily; any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s). You can fight up to 72 battles overall through May 1.
9. For every victory you will earn creature armaments and/or shop artifacts. When the event is over, you will also receive a reward in gold.
10. Potion of skill is fully effective.
11. After you achieve your first 15 victories, the village elder will reward you with a Lumberjack’s Axe. Upon reaching 40 victories you will receive a Charm.


Think carefully about where to erect your towers. For example, if built on the front lines, they will take more damage. But if they’re placed farther away from the enemy, they will deal less damage. Also, try to move your army forward in order to protect the villagers.

Players that attain the highest population numbers at the end will receive generous rewards from the Empire!

Defend our villages!
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