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AuthorThe Great experiment
Life of true Hero is unseparately connected with battlefield and uncountableamount of battles, which serve as loyal guide on the way to overall honor and eternal glory. And avoiding this battles mean going against your own fate. True Heroes don't avoid battles - they even dream of them, continuously sharpening their great skills, even while that rare moments of peace and quietness. What can confront such power, full of tenacity and perseverance? Many months this question was haunting advisor Belir, being alone in his magic laboratory surrounded by mountains of painted with formulas scrolls. Finally, his serious
face filled with sincere happiness. This was it - exactly that formula, which should turn the world upside down, opening a new milestone in history of warfare. Only thing remaining was to breathe life in it through the crystals of time and powerful magic. There was only one wizard, who was not only possible to understand all the greatness of this intention, but also who had enough power. And his name was Abu-Bakir!..

Lords and Ladies, the court magician Abu-Bakir and advisor Belir announce start of a rather unusual experiment, results of which they are looking forward to so much. And therefore magicians call everyone, who match minimal requirements, not to stay apart and make a contribution in the future of Empire's science. Heroes who will participate in experiment will be awarded.

Terms of experiment:
1) Heroes of combat level 5 or above are allowed to participate. Only shop artifacts are allowed; enchantments take no effect;
2) Character talents, faction skills and unique racial abilities have no effect, and also you can't take your army into the battle and use spells;
3) You may only recruit creatures for crystals of time, which will be given by court magician and will be same for everyone;
4) Creatures of different factions can be recruited; Their availability is defined by having an appropriate upgrades for crystals of time;
5) While recruiting creatures of different factions morale is decreased, however "Hall of Unity" prevents the decrease in morale;
6) Battles are 1 vs 1, where the opponent is a magical copy of other lord of same combat level, holding the battle at the same period in time;
7) Point are count not only for Lords' victories, but also for victories of their magical copies. At the same time victories of magical copy give you 5 times less points than Lord's victories.
8) Hero can participate in experiment up to 12 times daily, any unused attempts carry over to the next day(s);
9) Experiment will last only 7 days, up to 13 August inclusive(+2 days for the end of fighting, until 15 August inclusive);

Moreover, for the 10th, 25th and 50th victoriesspecial elixir will be awarded:

 For 10 victories

 For 25 victories

 For 50 victories

The effect of elixirs does not apply to battles in PvP events, PvP tournaments, tactician guild, survival tournament and text quests. Elixirs must be used before September 1, 2017.

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