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Author Last message
What's "Initiative"? Read to learn05.28, 00:3429#4201Arctic09.20, 08:02, by Lord havok
Dictionary of game slang, abbreviations, special terms05.10, 10:561Empire05.10, 10:56, by Empire
Newbie Guide11.22, 04:366#4201Arctic11.22, 04:39, by #4201Arctic
F.A.Q. on Diamonds and Donations01.29, 07:211Dealer01.29, 07:21, by Dealer
F.A.Q. Read before posting your question. [Updated 01May2017]05.10, 10:0110Empire05.10, 10:05, by Empire
Readme first! Local Rules11.09, 14:591Empire11.09, 14:59, by Empire
Adventures guild questions04.23, 01:132#7705Aurelija04.23, 01:15, by #1209Meshy
Getting girl in...04.22, 23:347LordMircea04.23, 00:43, by #1209Meshy
Arcomage04.21, 13:1415LordMircea04.22, 23:35, by LordMircea
Tamer DE army suggestion04.21, 19:169PeterParker304.21, 23:38, by PeterParker3
Would you use 2 cold rings or 2 stellar rings as mage wizard?04.21, 08:386#728virtual_vitrea04.21, 09:35, by #728virtual_vitrea
Knight Training04.21, 02:264LordMircea04.21, 03:24, by #1209Meshy
magic punch vs wizard magical mirror talent04.20, 18:164pippo404.21, 00:49, by pippo4
Any good military clan website in english?04.20, 20:043PeterParker304.20, 20:19, by #7490shubhamgoyal
Necro advice04.20, 05:2910LordMircea04.20, 19:23, by LordMircea
UCI Price04.19, 16:013#7705Aurelija04.19, 17:07, by #7705Aurelija
How does Portal of Time parameters work04.17, 13:586PeterParker304.17, 20:33, by PeterParker3
Tournament points04.17, 10:293barbsaki04.17, 12:15, by barbsaki
Unblocking Forum04.15, 12:589BALAJIFORYOU04.16, 23:37, by Corey
Unable to sell Imperial Armor Part04.15, 21:523PeterParker304.15, 22:11, by PeterParker3
Unblock -Secondary Character - Balaji4you04.15, 11:022BALAJIFORYOU04.15, 11:19, by #1209Meshy
Is it possible to unlock an obsolete forum topic?04.14, 14:344SwiftGirl04.14, 14:50, by #1209Meshy
ELF vs Dwarf vs Knight04.02, 17:4515#7705grifinas04.13, 15:13, by #7705Lord MilesTeg
undermines/traps vs amphibian pounce/glacier pounce04.11, 17:465pippo404.12, 07:37, by pippo4
exp in surv04.11, 21:087#7705legend-bouc04.12, 06:45, by #728virtual_vitrea
Is hunting at this point even worth it?04.10, 07:0916#7705Aurelija04.11, 15:22, by #1209Meshy
Undermine and AI avoiding them04.10, 07:365pippo404.10, 17:04, by pippo4
Roulette archive04.08, 12:462#4201ParaLeul04.08, 12:55, by #1209Meshy
Element Drop Rate for Merc Quests04.08, 12:374#7705Vurdmeister04.08, 12:45, by #7705Vurdmeister
Tavern - Win loss ratio04.06, 19:364#7705Yuvraz04.07, 17:46, by #7705Yuvraz

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