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  #7139 Mighty warriors of Humanity
 32 heroes

 » Leader: imsunny

 » Chronicler: Simstar, akulho, dark_lord_king, vchen
 » Herald: akulho, dark_lord_king, vchen

 » Clan page: http://s4.invisionfree.com/HeroesWM_MWoH/index.php
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In the fight of Light and Darkness, Worst and Best, Gods and Evil, the Good and the Bad, Humanity suffered the most. During that time, some Warrior Heroes risen. As per the prophecy foretold long ago. These heroes will fight for the rights of Humanity. They won't let anyone to harm their friends and their people. Its now time to let everyone know, this is not just Good and Bad, there has always been a third dimension. And this is the third dimension.

It costs 500 gold to invite anyone in clan. So, if you are interested in joining. Send a message to me or the recruiters and 500 gold.

Donations are always welcome.

We will keep track of tax at 'http://www.heroeswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=4049'.
If you need anything, or you need any kind of help. Just ask in that forum message, or send a mail to me.

We have got an offsite forum. Register there.
Our clan provides following things

1. Enchanting services: Every weapon you will get enchanted, our Enchanter Simister offers some gold, view his profile page for more info (Note that you have to send the required items.)
2. Our own off-site forum: Discuss what you want to know, get help, above all, enjoy a friendly forum.
3. Recruit and get bonus: You got friends in game, invite them so that they can also enjoy all the benefits you are having. Also, you will get respect points for that, once you achieve a respect level you will won prizes (Check the clan page, for that information)
4. Clan tournaments: Time to time we host tournaments (if enough candidates available), where you can fight and learn strategies (higher level people will fight with the troops on your level.)
5. Team battles: We host team tournaments too.

Repairsmith : Simstar
Weaponsmith : ROOS, Simstar
Armorsmith : XX2 , ROOS
Jewelcrafter: Finkfinks

You can find the details of possible modifications in weapons/armours and jewels along with integrands required at our off site forum.

Clan hit list: Let us know about those who didn't follow the battle rules, like no arts and no level 2 upgrades, if they were not sorry about that. And we will put them in clan hit list. We will not help them in any ways. I will ask other clan leaders to help us in this. I strongly discourage such cheating.

Visit Off-site forum for News about Tournament.

1.Offline #7490imsunny 14  
2.Offline sum2 6  
3.Offline XX2 9 Repair40%, Armourer 2%, WeaponSmith 2%,1000 Gold for each % 
4.Offline Pionir 16  
5.Offline Lyh963 6  
6.Offline finkfinks 6  
7.Offline Pharlarphal 6  
8.Offline #7181Simstar 10 80% repair at 70% cost, 3x7% wea. 3x14% Arm, 3x10% Jew encha 
9.Offline #4201speed_dragon 11  
10.Offline aaaaaie 7  
11.Offline ShawTim 10  
12.Offline imsunny2 11  
13.Offline Inzaijn 7  
14.Offline Ojan_Gundul 11  
15.Offline soepaidjo 8  
16.Offline pooil 4  
17.Offline Okyen4ik 10  
18.Offline akulho 12  
19.Offline Lord ROOS 13  
20.Offline imsunny3 10  
21.Offline Snorlax 7  
22.Offline dark_lord_king 6  
23.Offline yazid123 7  
24.Offline mindslapper 5  
25.Offline dil111 6  
26.Offline vchen 7  
27.Offline supersidewinder 6  
28.Offline diaa 5  
29.Offline sheero 5  
30.Offline shanmughavel 7  
31.Offline harshyama3 5  
32.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15  
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