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  #7209 Lords: The Shadow of Death
 23 heroes


 » Recruiter: Haran, romeo88, Vengeful Spirit, DarwenAward
 » Chronicler: Vengeful Spirit, DarwenAward
 » Herald: Anita2008, Haran, Lord Ortan, Lord Acolyte, Door, Lord koko_alex, romeo88, Shayde-lee, Lord Plato, Lady SladurAna, Lady misaisagona, ishak_007, Lady Zephyranna, Delta369, Vengeful Spirit, Lord Decrous, Anmol, Morgy, Lord denkleinegast, DarwenAward, saksham-4

 » Clan page: http://tsod.ucoz.com/index
 » Log


1. See our clan external website for the clan details.


Any transfer of artifacts and resources between the clan full members (donor = that member who transfer to; and acceptor = that member who accepts the transfer) will be regarded as a donation from the donor to the clan and a donation from the clan to the acceptor. This is the agreement among the members of this clan since we don't have any "spare" character which could hold all our artifacts and resources. According to the game rules, there is no claim for blocking or any other action from the administrators against the donor. So, please, if you scan our transfer logs and you see such a transaction, do not consider it illegal because it doesn't violate any rule. Please, take note that in the clan there is NO additional character from any of the clan members and this kind of transaction is regarded as a donation to/from the clan and not a gift. Thank you for understanding. (signed: all the members of the clan)

~~ related to the gold pieces only ~~
~~ for resources and artifacts see the disclaimer section ~~

Total donations: 2558
Total savings (s): 221743
Total marketing (m): 9764
Total loans (l): 169530
Final clan balance: 72416

Friend clan: #329 Le chateau de la Solitude (http://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=329)


1.Offline CGSMCMLXXV 12 warrior, smith - 60% (s/l/m/e: 0/0/3013/79.3) 
2.Offline Anita2008 11 warrior, marketing (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/-9.5) 
3.Offline Haran 14 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
4.Offline Lord Ortan 9 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
5.Offline Lord Acolyte 14 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/109530/1727/33.4) 
6.Offline Door 8 full member (savings: 0 gp; loans: 0 gp) 
7.Offline Lord koko_alex 9 warrior (s/l/m/e: 12850/0/218/0) 
8.Offline #4201romeo88 15 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
9.Offline Shayde-lee 6 full member (savings: 0 gp; loans: 0 gp) 
10.Offline Lord Plato 12 smith - 40% (s/l/m/e: 0/0/863/0) 
11.Offline #7490Lady SladurAna 16 smith - 60%, enchanter (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
12.Offline Lady misaisagona 11 chief enchanter (s/l/m/e: 6884/0/1771/11.1) 
13.Offline ishak_007 10 warrior (s/l/m/e: 200k/0/0/0) 
14.Offline #7705Lady Zephyranna 16 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
15.Offline Delta369 14 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
16.Offline Vengeful Spirit 17 warrior, marketing (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
17.Offline Lord Decrous 13 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/1.7) 
18.Offline Anmol 8 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
19.Offline Morgy 8 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
20.Offline Lord denkleinegast 16 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
21.Offline DarwenAward 15 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
22.Offline saksham-4 10 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
23.Offline #7395Lady young_lady 12 warrior (s/l/m/e: 0/0/0/0) 
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