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  #7277 Dark Kingdom II
 70 heroes

 » Leader: coolsunny1404

 » Recruiter: lnjnoob
 » Chronicler: PapaUFRJ
 » Herald: lnjnoob, Nat1977, PapaUFRJ, Zeitza

 » Clan page: http://dark-kingdom2.ucoz.com/
 » Log

PLEASE READ THIS LINE:Some of you might think Dark Kingdom is only for dark creatures and all that.Most don't like to read long story.But Dark Kingdom is open to all.People who claim themselves as protector of light,paladin and mighty warrior are welcome here.

Who are we?

You get yourself an invitation:

Lords of -Your name-

You are invited to the Dark Kingdom II.It was at the demolished Dark Kingdom once.Go to the demolished site.

Best of Regard


When you go to the demolished dark kingdom side.You might just find ashes,broken bricks and some rotten wood.You already predict.This was a kingdom a long time ago."You gonna be joking to me.Darn,I fall into a prank"you tell yourself.At that time,you see a door."A door survived,huh?Wonder why they don't destroy it as well."you said to yourself.You open the door because you are a little curious that is the door still useful.(If it is not rotten you might be under consideration of making it into woods.he he).When you do,you find out that many different people was on the opposite."When did it has so much people around?"

When you step in.You feel light.At there,pawns,knights,witches,zombies and many different creature lives there.Even some scary dragons was walking around.No one seem to be panic.You look around.It is a completely different surrounding than the time you come in.You go back and took another look at the side of the door.It's no much different from surronding when you first come in.

At last,you took a walk in the town.You asked a cross by Dark Elf."Where is here?"you asked.You think that it is foolish but your curiousity was very high.But you don't expect the dark elf will said this."Ah,you must be invited to come here.Here is Dark Kingdom II.Now it was a flying Kingdom"

You can't believe what the dark elf said.You rushed to the corner.Yes,you are in the sky.A piece of flying land.Then,you went into the kingdom.

"Welcome.lord -Your name-.Here is Dark Kingdom II.It suspose to be demolished but I had raised it."said the King Sunny.


-Enchanter (weapon):misaisagona 3*10
~~~~~~~~~~:lnjnoob 2%

-Armourer :misaisagona 3*10
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :injnoob 2 %
-jewlcraft :misaisagona 3*8
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :AzagToth 2*5
-avatar makers :alex8 (cost - 750 gold)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :deadscavenger

- Smiths :40 %-XX2
~~~~~~~~~ :80% AzagToth (100%cost)
~~~~~~~~~ :90% Brilliant(110%cost)
we also rent arts contact coolsunny1404 for more info

HOW to get in?

I guess you can already figure it out.Since there are very few people in our clan.So it cost 1500 gold.Later,when the clan is prosperous,I will give out mission like fighting against other clan member.

If you are member of the first Dark Kingdom.You can get in by 750.

By doing mission,you can come in FOR FREE!!

After becoming a member, register in our clan website with the same name as in this game.


Title is given depend on your class:

Per 1000 gold donated to clan, u get 1 point.A new level can allow you to had discount and more special offer.Giving favour to the clan will also gain you points.

Mage(Wizard.Cost 0)-->Wizard-->Archmage-->Sorcerer->Supreme sorceric master

Pawn(Knight.Cost 0)-->Knight-->Royal Knight-->Dragon Knight-->Angelic Knight

Demonling)-->Demon-->Demonic Beast-->Fiery Hell Keeper-->Deep Hell Demonic Beast

Wandering Elf(Dark Elf.Cost 0)-->Dark Elf-->Spellcaster Dark Elf/Dark Elf fighter-->Dark Elf Rebellion Commander-->Black Dragon Raider

In-training-Elf(Elf)--(Elf-->Archery Master-->Sniper-->Mercenary Sniper

Villager(Babarian.Cost 0)-->Babarian-->-->Babarian Leader-->In-famous Roc Raider-->Behemoth Army Commander

Zombies(Necromancer.Cost 0)-->Necromancer-->Elite Necromancer-->Necromancer Lord-->Immortal Lich

Rank 2=15
Rank 3=50
Rank 4=75
Rank 5=170
If you help the clan in recruiting people we will give you 1 point arrcording to his/her level. you recruit someone from the top 100 list.We will reward you with 20 EXP.

Please tell me if you changed faction.The points will not changed.

20 point = elements
50 points= elements
100 point= 2 hunter arts
250 points=2 master hunter arts
300 points=be a CO_manager

Music and arts.

If you wanna share a songs with us.Just mail me.I will send the lyric as a clan mail.This cost 500 gold.Love song is perfect for your girlfriend and love song kinda mood.

1.Respect all games rule(You know.No insult,foul words,violent act and remember to put your multi on your multi names in personal profile)

2.Obey a battle's rule at least of what AP or no artifact(For level 3-4).

3.Help clan mates in hunts and combats.

4.Donate to clan.
Repair Cost
Rank 1-70 %
Rank 2-65 %
Rank 3-60 %
Rank 4-50 %
Rank 5-30 %

for furtheur info contact coolsunny1404

1.Offline coolsunny1404 9 Dark king 
2.Offline Cipo 7 Villager(0) 
3.Offline Lord Necrofob 7 Mage(0) 
4.Offline Lord Odetta 8 Mage(0) 
5.Offline darkill1 5 In-training-Elf(0) 
6.Offline steathlord 8 Villager(0) 
7.Offline bongbam 7 In-training-Elf(0) 
8.Offline #7279Tony_1 8 In-training-Elf(0) 
9.Offline Lady misaisagona 11 Wandering Elf(0) 
10.Offline Bite-My-Nuggets 11 In-training-Elf(0) 
11.Offline MountBlade 6 Villager(0) 
12.Offline Darkclaws 10 In-training-Elf(0) 
13.Offline HARSHIT12 6 Villager(0) 
14.Offline lnjnoob 8 Demonic Beast(73) 
15.Offline ponepone 6 Pawn(0) 
16.Offline lord alexis 5 Villager(0) 
17.Offline Lord urbaxone 8 In-training-Elf(0) 
18.Offline AkeloveTan 9 Pawn(0) 
19.Offline gunxzero 6 Pawn(0) 
20.Offline Rulerofhell 5 Zombie(0) 
21.Offline Senuia 9 In-training-Elf(0) 
22.Offline kayzet 9 In-training-Elf(0) 
23.Offline Nat1977 6 In-training-Elf(0) 
24.Offline firedemone 6 Zombie(0) 
25.Offline sanaya_rose 5 Wandering Elf(0) 
26.Offline zblchy 6 In-training-Elf(0) 
27.Offline Lord beast1 6 Villager(0) 
28.Offline PapaUFRJ 7 In-training-Elf(0) (dark princess) 
29.Offline kanjana 4 Demonling(0) 
30.Offline NarCz 7 Pawn(0) 
31.Offline q1u2u3 7 Mage(0) 
32.Offline gtad-rex 5 Demonling(0) 
33.Offline Shusax 8 In-training-Elf(0) 
34.Offline kr-en 10 Wandering Elf(0) 
35.Offline Bowmast3r 5 In-training-Elf(0) 
36.Offline DOGKI 7 Demonling(0) 
37.Offline spl2 6 Pawn(0) 
38.Offline theboxer77 7 Zombie(0) 
39.Offline dethcruzer 8 In-training-Elf(0) 
40.Offline Death-wind 6 In-training-Elf(0) 
41.Offline vrencean 9 Pawn(2) 
42.Offline joshxl 5 Zombie(0) 
43.Offline ellebar 5 Villlager(0) 
44.Offline stefan100 6 Pawn(0) 
45.Offline Grenadir 10 Mage(0) 
46.Offline Hydronoid 9 In-training-Elf(0) 
47.Offline Zeitza 10 In-training-Elf(15) 
48.Offline rvvscp 6 In-training-Elf(0) 
49.Offline #7365Lord Kuro-Konpaku 8 Zombie(0) 
50.Offline Zoombiee 6 Zombie(0) 
51.Offline Traon 7 Villager(0) 
52.Offline Lord kaznil 6 Pawn(0) 
53.Offline TommyFriend 6 Pawn(0) 
54.Offline Koriey 8 Zombie(0) 
55.Offline jeff_mcfang 7  
56.Offline ARdim 8  
57.Offline Aprozeanu 13 Villager(21) 
58.Offline kakerrott 4  
59.Offline CrossXVamki 7 Dead King and advicer 
60.Offline Dinind 7  
61.Offline kacius2 7  
62.Offline Afgunz 5  
63.Offline tubai 7 Wandering Elf(2) 
64.Offline Perng 7  
65.Offline Ramada 9  
66.Offline kobenba 6  
67.Offline sa6o_qkiq 7  
68.Offline Delta369 14  
69.Offline _Jd_ 9  
70.Offline ForestFighter 10  
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