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  #7377 Riders of the Golden Dragons
 154 heroes

 » Leader: ForestFighter

 » Recruiter: prodarkelf
 » Chronicler: prodarkelf
 » Herald: prodarkelf

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There was once an army controlled by the Dark Lord who tried to invade this land. The Holy Lord asked for one thing if the people in the land wanted to be saved. All he wanted was discipline and unity amongst the people. He gave them the Golden Dragons. He called some brave warriors to ride these beasts.They rode them and fought the Dark Lord with all the power they got. They fought until they won the bloody battle after 7 days and nights. They returned proudly and were awarded for their bravery. This land is now called The Golden Kingdom.
Thus this clan was called
Riders of the Golden Dragons where brave people train themselves to defend the Empire.

Membership Fee : 1200 gold (limited time)-------------------(NO TAX FOREVER)
accept your invite as shown below
(accept/decline)Riders of the Golden Dragons

Current Aim: Forming a military clan.
If u want to be a recruiter u must be above lv6 and follow the rules in my clan(if u don't know how to recruit ask (prodarkelf or ForestFighter)

so if you want PM prodarkelf or ForestFighter

U must be a recruiter if u wanna recruit people
Every player you recruited, you must give 600 gold to ForestFighter and 400 gold to prodarkelf and you can keep 200 gold and you can get 2 points per recruit.u will only get the 2 points once u have given the gold to ForestFighter and prodarkelf.

Recruiters rules:
if u don't recruit anybody in a month u will be deleted as recruiter and by evicting anyone or blocking invites u will also be deleted as recruiter. (Eviction will be used by founder or leader)
although u are deleted as recruiter u can still apply again to become recruiter but this time u will be evicted if u evict anyone or block invites and when u receive gold from somebody make sure u send him the invitation to join our clan. if u don't founder or leader will delete u as recruiter.<-------Note:if u do this sort of thing, u cannot sign up as recruiter anymore.

one more thing about recruiters:if founder or leader find out u simply change your rank as when u like then recruiter position will be taken away.
example:your point was 0 but because u are recruiter, u have the power to change it to 1500 points.
So if founder or leader finds out, then u don't have to dream about being a recruiter anymore.
Great Clan benefits:
*Creates Avatars for clan members
*u can be a recruiter at lvl 6 but if u recruit 80people i'll assign u as part of our commitee.
*NO tax forever
*This clan Repairs and Enchants Weapon ,armor and Jewelry
*donating can take up really a lot of gold but it can really give ur rank a huge boost and earn u rewards
*Elements and Resources can be donated in return for a lot of points to boost ur rank
To get 1 point u need to give ForestFighter 100 gold or u can give prodarkelf
stranger -------------------> 0 points
villager ------------------> 10 points
soldier -----------------> 20 points
warrior ----------> 30 points = random piece of hunter set
golden warrior --------------> 60points = random piece of master hunter set
dragon warrior -------------> 150 points = random piece of great hunter set
golden dragon rider --------> 190points = random artifact of 3ap-4ap
Golden Master Dragon Rider ------> 250points = random artifact of 5ap-7ap
Golden Battlemaster Dragon Rider ------> 500points = edit own rank + 3 random set artifacts of 4ap-8ap each
Golden Dragon Knight Overlord -------> 1000points = Full Beastbane artifact + Council member position

alternative way for donation to upgrade your rank is
toadstool=4 points
abrasive=3 points
witch bloom=1 point
viper venom=1 point
fire crystal=15 points
meteorite shard=18 points
ice crystal=22 points
windflower=25 points
tiger's claw=12 points
fern flowers=1 point
moonstone=64 points

Resources can be donated too - wood,ore=2 points & mercury,sulphur,crystal,gem=4 points


Friendly clans
# 381 Dragon Alliance

- No AFK (away from keyboard) in battles or games(Tavern).
- You will be evicted if u break the rules 5 times
- Report all broken rules to prodarkelf
- Those who report will receive 1 point but if they report about them self,they will get a warning

Find for our clan smiths by looking at the members who have the rank Black Smith

Hallion91 Repairs 50% (60% cost) W:5% A:8% J:
jayjay1231 Repairs 40% efficiency with 50% cost

GGW enchants weapons.Effect is 10% and 4 modifications(2500 gold for each 10% modification)

Avatar Making
Currently no avatar makers. Please tell prodarkelf if anyone wants to be the clan avatar maker

More clan services coming soon. Plz send your suggestion to ForestFighter or prodarkelf.

1.Offline prodarkelf 12 Founder of clan 
2.Offline necro-lord 8 villager-10points 
3.Offline bruce_lee123 9 villager-10point 
4.Offline Lord _NoVa_ 7 stranger-5points 
5.Offline Tresdemana 11 stranger-5 points 
6.Online #7279ppt_dragon 21 stranger-5 points 
7.Offline #4201Pantheon 001 15 stranger-5 points 
8.Offline hong94 6 stranger-5 points 
9.Offline #7705selesty 16 stranger-5 points 
10.Offline crusader50k 6 stranger-5 points 
11.Offline Bite-My-Nuggets 11 stranger-5 points 
12.Offline MANMAR 7 stranger-5 points 
13.Offline luckywei 6 stranger-5 points 
14.Offline Lord wildbar 7 stranger-5 points 
15.Offline bigg-chill 6 stranger-5 points 
16.Offline ashim-metlife 12 stranger-5 points 
17.Offline Anmol 8 stranger-5 points 
18.Offline son_of_theGod 6 stranger-5 points 
19.Offline ForestFighter 10 Leader of clan 
20.Offline Delta369 14 stranger-5 points 
21.Offline #7279cragg 14 stranger-5 points 
22.Offline Sexybody2 8 stranger-5 points 
23.Offline #7279cubix 11 stranger-5 points 
24.Offline Aragorn69 9 stranger-5 points 
25.Offline izzgroth 10 stranger-5 points 
26.Offline antonius001 9 stranger-5 points 
27.Offline belacan 12 stranger-5 points 
28.Offline Misti 9 stranger-5 points(Black Smith Repair 40% at cost of 50%) 
29.Offline LordRedd 7 golden warrior-70points 
30.Offline starlight2 9 stranger-5points 
31.Offline sterling4444 8 stranger-5points 
32.Offline DarkBenz 5 stranger-5points 
33.Offline starko 9 stranger-0points 
34.Offline harilas-5 10 stranger-0points 
35.Offline PrincessAtena 6 stranger-0points 
36.Offline Lord cool_sam 6 stranger-2points 
37.Offline yashu1232000 7 stranger-2points 
38.Offline devilslegacy 11 warrior-32points(BlackSmith Repair10%at20%cost) 
39.Offline Lord beast1 6 stranger-0points 
40.Offline Lord Jasper319 10 stranger-0points 
41.Offline sayin 6 stranger-0points 
42.Offline lordreyan 6 stranger-3points 
43.Offline be18watchful 6 soldier-28points 
44.Offline asdqwertz 7 stranger-0points 
45.Offline fofko123 6 stranger-0points 
46.Offline davin180101 6 stranger-0points 
47.Offline Lord Stone_Cold 6 stranger-0points 
48.Offline koushik_great 11 stranger-2points 
49.Offline kong_123 8 warrior-56points 
50.Offline The_R 5 stranger-0points 
51.Offline farhad0089 7 stranger-0points 
52.Offline neo1303 8 stranger-0points 
53.Offline irkam 6 stranger-0points 
54.Offline Lord urameshi 6 stranger-0points 
55.Offline DOA 6 stranger-0points 
56.Offline Lord aruish 8 stranger-4points 
57.Offline The_Witchking 6 stranger-0points 
58.Offline suvosh 8 villager-12points 
59.Offline anythingmasterz 6 stranger-0points 
60.Offline Rene35 6 stranger-0points 
61.Offline james69 7 stranger-6points 
62.Offline #7490jayjay1231 11 (Clan Smith - 40% efficiency with 50% cost) 
63.Offline giantesskiller 7 stranger-0points 
64.Offline __pinkfire__ 8 stranger-0points 
65.Offline lordgilbert 7 stranger-0points 
66.Offline Snorlax 7 stranger-0points 
67.Offline shubhamsinghal1 7 stranger-0points 
68.Offline doggyboyboi 7 stranger-0points 
69.Offline meera123 6 warrior-40points 
70.Offline herowarrior 6 stranger-0points 
71.Offline elfsummon 6 stranger-2points 
72.Offline gabberman546 6 stranger-0points 
73.Offline LoLxZ 6 stranger-0points 
74.Offline NarCoTicS 6 stranger-0points 
75.Offline deathbringas1 7 stranger-0points 
76.Offline MasterThief 7 stranger-0points 
77.Offline LordHamzah 8 stranger-8points 
78.Offline #4201Grythor 13 stranger-0points 
79.Offline xrod0033 5 stranger-0points 
80.Offline seuhahn1 5 stranger-0points 
81.Offline sudharsonpv 5 stranger-0points 
82.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15 stranger-2points(Smith Repair 50%(60% cost) W:5% A:8% J:10%) 
83.Offline gunxzero 6 stranger-0points 
84.Offline YinYufu 6 stranger-0points 
85.Offline jabli 5 stranger-0points 
86.Offline elitetfk 8 stranger-0points 
87.Offline #7279Tony_1 8 stranger-0points 
88.Offline fabio87 8 stranger-0points 
89.Offline RandhyTheBar2 6 stranger-0points 
90.Offline mrmagi12 5 warrior-32 points 
91.Offline Lady asesuaj69 7 stranger-0points 
92.Offline Lord daka 6 stranger-0points 
93.Offline imanmirza45 7 stranger-0points 
94.Offline Lord Demetrix 7 stranger-0points 
95.Offline chinnimacedo 7 stranger-2points 
96.Offline meleerules 7 stranger-0points 
97.Offline UndeadWizard999 6 stranger-0points 
98.Offline ambat1905 7 stranger-0points 
99.Offline sai11 9 villager-18points 
100.Offline gimmili3 5 stranger-0points 
101.Offline -angelboy- 10 stranger-0points 
102.Offline rvvscp 6 stranger-0points 
103.Offline Skaw 7 stranger-0points 
104.Offline demon542 5 stranger-0points 
105.Offline Dr-Phail 9 stranger-0points 
106.Offline kr-en 10 stranger-0points 
107.Offline divam 6 villager-12points 
108.Offline DarkBlackPrince 5 stranger-0points 
109.Offline #7279hohohogodly 11 stranger-0points 
110.Offline kojaa 10 stranger-0points 
111.Offline vish26 5 stranger-0points 
112.Offline ArmageddonSM 7 stranger-0points 
113.Offline darkanno 8 stranger-0points 
114.Offline prab731 10 stranger-0points 
115.Offline Alriven 9 stranger-0points 
116.Offline japer2000 6 stranger-2points 
117.Offline Gabbo95 5 stranger-0points 
118.Offline jeff_mcfang 7 stranger-2points 
119.Offline Lord AJM 8 Ghost Rider 
120.Offline jeff1 7 stranger-0points 
121.Offline enmisis 6 stranger-0points 
122.Offline pit29 7 stranger-0points 
123.Offline arser 6 stranger-0points 
124.Offline twiztidkitty 9 stranger-0points 
125.Offline solium22 5 stranger-0points 
126.Offline r_vamshi 11 stranger-0points 
127.Offline dark_shah 7 stranger-0points 
128.Offline mmmk 8 stranger-0points 
129.Offline Mr_Pain 8 stranger-0points 
130.Offline wincent003 5 stranger-0points 
131.Offline chethaa16 6 stranger-0points 
132.Offline supekrypton- 8 stranger-0points 
133.Offline cool_silly_boy 5 stranger-0points 
134.Offline manas0001 5 soldier-20points 
135.Offline Groove-Keeper 9 stranger-0points 
136.Offline aronmc 5 stranger -0points 
137.Offline kobenba 6 stranger -0points 
138.Offline king_king 5 stranger -0points 
139.Offline Hewi1 9 stranger-0 points 
140.Offline soulhunter1 8 stranger-0 points 
141.Offline Darth_deception 6 stranger-0 points 
142.Offline housin45 5 stranger-0 points 
143.Offline Sir31416 8 stranger-0 points 
144.Offline Lord Drakan 10 stranger-0points 
145.Offline neilc 8 stranger-2points 
146.Offline TinyElf 9 Brother to Founder of Clan #7377 
147.Offline Lord nfsu242 8 Stranger-0points 
148.Offline Petitoth Lord 16 Stranger-0points 
149.Offline UndeadKnite 7 stranger-0points 
150.Offline Warrior_knight_ 6 stranger-0points 
151.Offline HgaENppeRrY_280 9 stranger-0points 
152.Offline WxLoveMq 6 stranger-0points 
153.Offline dinoteddy 6 stranger-0points 
154.Offline iamtheworldking 9 villager-10points 
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