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  #7456 United Clan of Malaysia
 35 heroes

 » Leader: Lord warrensucks

 » Recruiter: The_Red_Baron, Lord Hallion91, sa321, renegade38
 » Chronicler: The_Red_Baron, Lord Hallion91
 » Herald: The_Red_Baron, Sir Arcanyx, Lord Hallion91

 » Log

Hi, my name in the game is warrensucks. This clan i made isn't for Malaysian only but it's also for others (but there are discounts for Malaysian player)**.

Clan is CHEATERS-FREE.If you have illegal transfers in your log you will not be given an invitation to the clan.


Want to join this clan? It's opened to player level 5 and above. It's easy just PM me,then answer some questions and send me the invitation fee of 700 gold(500 for invitation + 200 recruiter fee no tax) and the invitation is on the way!!!

You can either send the invitation fee to warrensucks,Red_Baron or any of the recruiters above.

The fee should be sent with the discription Join Clan #456.


In order to become a recruiter,player must pass the interview of the clan leader or assistant in order to get your name on the recruiter post.For more inquiries about becoming a recruiter please PM warrensucks or Red_Baron.TQ! {currently available}


1) Obey all the rules of LORDS of WAR and MONEY.(http://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5)

2) Be an Active Player [Log in every month]

3) Speak proper English

4) Donate to clan.

5)Have fun.

=================== CLAN SERVICE'S =================================================================

Need repairing? We have the finest repairer in the Lords

Repairing 90% efficiency, 105% repair cost

Repair cost:
Normal: 120% of the repair cost (clanmate only pay 110%)
Express: 130% of the repair cost (clanmate only pay 120%)

The repair service is open for everyone. First come first serve.

Special discount 10% for those who use www1980 weapon enchant service. Now www1980 can do 4x10% weapon enchant.

Please transfer your art by this way:

{with recall in: 0.1 days (so that you can withdrawn it when I complete repair) ,
0 combats and allow repairing, only 1 gold (this is what I need to pay you) here}
After that transfer your 110/120/130% repair cost separately (He would not start repair your art if you did not send the repair cost).

Ahmadhafiz97:He is the clan enchanter and will do enchanting for free. Just send him the elements and the weapons that you wanted to enchant, and he will do the rest.

arcanyx:enchanting (any form of enchants) - pays customer 1000 gold per element used

Anymore questions about enchanting, you can PM the enchanter.Thx.


HunterXHunterDX makes:-

Animated Avatar for 1000 Gold
Non Animated for 500 Gold

sub_zero97:Promoting animations for 500 gold (clan mates only).NP:700 gold.Animations can be
choose from his website http://www.heathersanimations.com/military.html.


- arcanyx:call him if you need any hunt help.(lvl 12 only)
- warrensucks (lvl 9 only)


sa321: steel blade-30(clan 28) gold per battle 5 battles=135 gold (clan 125gold),eather armour-30 (clan 27)gold per battle 5 battle 130 gold (clan 120 gold),defender shield-50(clan47) gold per battle 5 battles=225 gold (clan 210 gold),reprisal sword-60(clan 57) gold per battle 5 battle=270 gold (clan 255 gold),amulet of luck-70(clan66) gold per battle 5 battle=315 gold (clan 295 gold),sword of retribution-120 (clan 100)gold per battle 5 battle=540 gold (clan 500 gold)

Special prices for clan members are stated in brackets.
For any members whom rent these arts for up to 10 battles gets 20%-25% discount on artifact rental prices.Please contact sa321 for more info.tq.
Clan Market

Abrasive - [B]550 [S]577

Fire crystal - [B]3500 [S]3675

Ice crystal - [B]6000 [S]6300

Meteorite shard - [B]3050 [S]3202

Moonstone - [B]7500 [S]7875

Tiger's Claw - [B]5500 [S]5775

Toadstool - [B]400 [S]420

Viper venom - [B]1500 [S]1575

Windflower - [B]6000 [S]6300

Witch Bloom - [B]500 [S]525

The selling price will be charge 5% of the buying price.
The price of the elements will be updated weekly.
Plz PM me if there is something wrong with the prices


You can earn points by:

Donating to the clan. 100 per points ( transfer the money to Red_Baron or warrensucks)

Recruit people. One person per points

If earn points you can get higher ranks.


Private - Who ever join this clan will have this rank

PFC(Private First Class) - 10 points

Specialist - 20 points

Corporal - 40 points

Sergeant - 70 points

SFC(Sergeant First Class) - 110 points

Warrant Officer - 160 points

Lieutenant - 220 points

Colonel - 300 points -------- If reach this rank you will be co-leader ( 4 space left )


Not available
If you guys have any suggestions to improve our clan, feel free to talk. We'll consider every suggestions you gave us. Like Tournaments in our clans or between other clans, etc.

Clan is on construction .For more information PM me.

1.Offline Lord warrensucks 9 [Penang] ~Clan leader~ 
2.Offline The_Red_Baron 11 [Selangor] Assistant leader/Management.Dept 
3.Offline Sir Arcanyx 13 [Selangor] Private - 0 points Clan msgr 
4.Offline Minjoot 13 [Selangor] Private - 0 points 
5.Offline #7365Kurosaki 10 [Sabah] Private - 0 points * 
6.Offline _G-Dragon_ 12 [Selangor] Private - 0 points 
7.Offline Lord AJM 8 [Selangor] Private - 0 points 
8.Offline Eskkar 10 [Labuan] Specialist - 20 points* 
9.Offline Dart97 8 Private - 0 points* 
10.Offline CrossXVamki 7 [Perak] 
11.Offline Alicia7 8 [Selangor]* 
12.Offline Daddy_yankee 8 Private - 0 points 
13.Offline Lady fantaghiro 6 [Melaka] Private - 0 points* 
14.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15 [Greece] Private - 0 points Repair 90% (105% cost)* 
15.Offline Alriven 9 [Johor] Private - 0 points* 
16.Offline Killer_Awp 9 [Johor] private - 0 points* 
17.Offline ika_yana 6 Private - 0 points 
18.Offline Nishman 8 * 
19.Offline Dark_X_Shadow 12 * 
20.Offline #7279sa321 9  
21.Offline Dracula1996 8 * 
22.Offline renegade38 7 [Negeri Sembilan] - 10 points 
23.Offline dlight 15 [Sabah] 
24.Offline Junggernaut 5  
25.Offline DeathCheaters 7 [Sarawak] 
26.Offline planetaryrobot 9  
27.Offline HgaENppeRrY_280 9  
28.Offline technoscarlet 13  
29.Offline cooldudexxx 9  
30.Offline Warlord_kinght 6  
31.Offline nokil 8  
32.Offline Lord freak_master 8  
33.Offline bye97 8  
34.Offline Naryu 9  
35.Offline Afieirfan 6  
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