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  #7153 League of Shadows [Military clan] [00:00 - 14:00]
 73 heroes, battle glory: 700

 » Leader: limustudotcom
 » Deputy: DEATHisNEAR

 » Recruiter: Lord RicHunter, Lord cantbstopped, Queen_Amanda
 » Chronicler: Lord MrHellRaiser, Lord Shaddar, Lord cantbstopped, Queen_Amanda
 » Herald: Lord RicHunter, Lord MrHellRaiser, Lord Shaddar, the_dominator, Lord cantbstopped, Queen_Amanda

 » Clan page: http://leagueofshadows.creatingforum.com
 » Log

<< We are an ELITE AND HONEST BRAWLER clan -- COWARDS and CHEATERS are NOT welcome >>


<< Dates in clan page are in MONTH/DAY/YEAR format >>

<< You are EXPECTED to read all Clan-Mail, DO NOT REGISTER for Clan Forum >>

We are the League of Shadows, would you like to join our Family?

Our people's primary goals are as follows:

1. To make the game more fun with Clan events

2. To control the thief routes

3. To promote multi-player activities: Group battles, Commander's Guild, etc

4. To become the most POWERFUL and HONEST Military Clan on this Server, splitting the bulk of the spoils between our mighty fighters

5. To lead and act as a STANDARD that others will copy and use as their own--many clans have copied our innovations over the years, and we hope they continue to do so. Maybe they give us the credit we deserve too?

*****Join up fee is only 15,000 gold to secure a spot in our TAX-FREE War Clan*****

Please tell your friends that we are recruiting up to 153 members for now. If we have less than that, then recruitment is open. We are a clan of MOSTLY adults! So our clan chat is rated M for Mature.



IMPORTANT NOTICES (Updated 2-8-13)

1. We have a Clan Chat room, feel free to visit, and socialize with your comrades (Just click Chat, and then scroll to Channel 7153 in lower right hand corner to enter).

2. WE ARE 153 WARRIORS STRONG AT MOST! We will evict under-performing players to maintain this figure. This is subject to change if we have 153 blood thirsty killers already on board.

3. Don't purposely go afk in battles and DO NOT CHEAT(Rule breakers may be kicked from clan without warning)!!

4. We have an active community checking up on our mates. If you are found to be under-performing, or cheating, you will eventually be contacted by the Probation Officer or the Leader.

5. New members are "On Probation" for 1 week after joining. Go to "Probation" section on clan page for more information.

6. If you are discovered to be present in conversations defaming ANY member of this clan, and you do not inform the parties being spoken of behind their backs, you are just as guilty and may face an immediate eviction.

7. Do not ask to borrow money to play on the roulette.

8. If you are inactive for 6 months or more without contacting me first, you will be evicted when I find you--no refunds. (We assume you quit the game, over 90% of the inactives never return).

9. If a clan mate has the lowest price on any market item DO NOT undercut them, instead post at the same price or wait until their item sells. If someone else has a lower price then feel free to beat it.

10. Clan avatars can be downloaded at:

11. For Events like Undead groupings, you must come to clan chat #7153 to set up a team if you wish to participate with your clan members. If you are found to "jump" into a battle that was planned, you will be subject to a 1,000 gold fine to pay to EACH other member in the battle for your mistake (ie 2k in 3 man battle). It is rude to your mates not to find out if the spot is open first before joining.


THIEF AND OTHER VALUABLE ARTIFACTS RENTING [Clan Pricing] (Cheapest in Server) (Updated 07-Oct)

Currently available:

1. Thief Dagger (Donated by No1 to #153) with 4x+10% elemental damages (5 battle max per day)
2. Locket of Crystallised Tears F6, Penumbral ring [F5] x2, Sorcerer cape [F6] (Donated by Grunge to #153)
3. Full BeastBane sets: DEATHisNEAR & Halvspak (3000g per battle)
4. MagDonald has A10/F10 enchanted arts for level 13+ 600 gold a battle. PM him

limustudotcom: I have several arts so pm me.

50/50 Information [Clan Members Only]

limustudotcom is the coordinator. Send him 500 gold any time during the week, and you will be in the next draw, make sure description is 50/50 IF you are participating. Members can buy up to FIVE opportunities.

The prizes are as follows:

Number cards = # x 300

Face cards = 4,500 gold each

Ace of Heart, Diamond and Club = 4,000 gold each

Ace of Spades = Tiered jackpot

Current Prize Money, Rules and Cards in Deck: [Check with Coordinator]

CLAN SERVICES (updated 01/03)
Offering 70% repairs for only 70% of repair cost as gold allows
Discounts available for frequent users (bLiNgPL,limustudotcom,Letsfetz2)

limustudotcom :
Please include +1 gold for each item and:
Members 1-10: 100% repair cost for 90% repairs on any item
Members 11+: 105% repair cost

Official Clan Coordinators (active recruiters, all titled officers, etc): 100% repair cost
Express service: FREE for LOS Members
Super Express service: add 5%

I repair 90% for only 110% of repair cost
70% repairs for 75% of repair cost
Smith service: repair 70% durability for 70% repair cost (LoS)

ANYONE Seeking PRE-MODIFIED gear at attactive prices send me a message....
attractive rates, bonuses for repeat customers and clanmates.

=== Enchanter Rebates (updated July 2010) ====

MrHellraiser [Weapon 5x11%]: Free work for Clan members.

Anlain [Weapon 3x9%]: refunds offered for work done (see profile) Get her to do first enchants and MrHellRaiser to complete to 4x10% and save your self some gold while helping a new enchanter develop and keeping MrHellRaisers bench available.

kwan_waris3 [Armor 4x20%]:
Read his profile

Grunge [Jewel 3x14%] - while building his level he will offer members 500g per element used
contact him to discuss details

Clan loans [Contact Treasurer]
In order to be eligible for a clan loan you must meet at least 3 of the following conditions:
1. ACTIVE member in clan (ie clan events, chat, etc) for at least 3 months
2. Labor Guild level of 5 or higher
3. Not active roulette player (Total roulette bets must not increase until full loan is repaid)
4. Clan member for 2 years+
5. Cannot exceed 5k per Level of Character

Loans out:
05-17-12 07:06: Transferred 80000 Gold to Akhenaten, Commission charged: 800 : Clan loan for 30 days to buy citadel.
24th April 2014: Clan loan 30,000 to Bblkycu to buy arts - Condition of loan "No Roulette bets" [Roulette bets total: 1,943,223] within 40 mins bets had increased to 1,981,615. Refused to return loan and has been evicted from LoS.

1.Offline Lord RicHunter 15 Hungarian, English, and German 
2.Offline limustudotcom 15 [Clan Smith 90%] English and Spanish 
3.Offline Lord MrHellRaiser 11 [5x12 Wep] English, Hebrew and Russian 
4.Offline prajdus75 15 Hungarian and English 
5.Offline Lord Shaddar 12 [Event Coordinator][Junior Smith 70%] English 
6.Offline Liberator 11 English and Chinese 
7.Offline razarom 11 Croation, English and German 
8.Offline kwan_waris3 13 [Clan Armorer]Thai and English 
9.Offline DEATHisNEAR 14 [Fixer] Scottish 
10.Offline the_dominator 13 English 
11.Offline jimsyd 10 English 
12.Offline Elven_Lord 14 English 
13.Offline Sir Fromklin 16 English and Spanish 
14.Offline Sir Dmitriyns 14 English, Russian 
15.Offline Lord Mc Quin 16 English 
16.Online tyuri 14 English and Romanian 
17.Offline Lord cantbstopped 15 English, Russian, Ukraininan, Polish 
18.Offline plzdunhurtme 11 English 
19.Offline Wild_Shooter 10 Russian and some English 
20.Offline Arban 11 [OFFICIAL: Former USSR languages translator ] 
21.Offline Scurky 12 English and Slovene 
22.Offline chisikitori 12 English and Vietnamese 
23.Offline DannyNoonan 16 English 
24.Offline darkdrakeelf 14 English and German 
25.Offline Lord Ava_VN 14 English and Lithuanian 
26.Offline Raistlin 13 English and Italian 
27.Offline Lord hpsim 10 English, Chinese and Malay 
28.Offline Lord Bos001 12 English 
29.Offline Clemency 8 English, Spanish and Vietnamese 
30.Offline meomari 14 Russian, almost no English 
31.Offline zolli 13 English 
32.Offline Flour 15 English and Russian 
33.Offline Alendi 10 English 
34.Offline Lord Reziden 10 English 
35.Offline GukakKluelezz 14 English and Danish 
36.Offline pruha_forever 15 Ukrainian, Russian and little English 
37.Offline Lord Knight 9 English, Russian and Ukrainian 
38.Offline Rokassan 9 English 
39.Offline r760 9 English, Russian and little German 
40.Offline Shaddomancer 10 English and Romanian 
41.Offline Lord Innocent 9 Burmese and little English 
42.Offline Roland_Diskeyn 10 Russian and little English 
43.Offline Jimosk 12 English, Greek, French, little German 
44.Offline comtestan 10 English, French and little German 
45.Offline KaLex 11 English and Russian 
46.Offline suriya2010 10 English and Thai 
47.Offline Lady M2010 11 English and Thai 
48.Offline BigDD 10 English 
49.Offline randomname 10 English, Romanian and German 
50.Offline arkanomortek 12 Portuguese, Spanish and little English 
51.Offline Lord Corba 13 English and Polish 
52.Offline Kitten_Nin 9 English and Hindi 
53.Offline Lightning_Ninja 9 English and Hindi 
54.Offline Vladimir1982 10 English, Russian and Ukrainian 
55.Offline -KowalsKi- 8 Burmese and little English 
56.Offline Wm-Wallace 10 English 
57.Offline beastandbeaty 14 English and Russian 
58.Offline frey12 13  
59.Offline StevieGerrard 12  
60.Offline DragonFlayer 12  
61.Offline royosaurus 8 Dutch and English 
62.Offline yaryar 12 Danish and little English 
63.Offline Akhenaten 12 English and Romanian 
64.Offline Ipad 12  
65.Offline Henzel 12 English, Russian, Ukraininan 
66.Offline Wiz-King 5  
67.Offline j3di 13  
68.Offline King Of Dungeon 7 Lithuanian , English and little Russian. 
69.Offline One I 10  
70.Offline WizzAlert 8 Romanian & English 
71.Offline ras080 15  
72.Offline kommo 13  
73.Offline Queen_Amanda 11 Irish, American and a little English 
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