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  #7546 Hunting Lords
 49 heroes

 » Leader: narutoayan

 » Recruiter: pro_13, kushagra5

 » Clan page: http://#546-Huntinglords.webs.com
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::A Nice and Friendly Clan::

How much is the entry fees?
1000 gold.

How can I be a recruiter?
PM me.

How much do I get for recruiting a person?
You invite them for 1000, give me 750 gold, keep 250 gold :)

Why join this clan?
>>Help on any subject.
>>Free assistance.
>>10% discount on avatars.
>>5% discount on renting arts.

If you would like to be an avatar maker in the clan or a renter, prove it to narutoayan.

~How it began~
Narutoayan was still a boy but he was strong and brave. In his eyes, His village was the best. And now that he had decided to make a clan there was no stopping him. Immidiately he set of for the forests. He didn’t care that he had torn clothes. He passed by green and spiky bushes. He just kept going. On his way he found a hunter. He knew this was his chance. “Hunter, I need to tell you something, I need your help.” “Hi Ayan,” said the hunter. “How do you know me” said Narutoayan. “I am your old friend Anmol” “Anmol I couldn’t recognize you. Its been 5 years since we met and you have changed a lot.” Narutoayan said running towards Anmol. “It’s been tough days” replied Anmol. “Anmol a monster army is about to attack our village I lost to them and they will be coming to kill our village soon. Help me stop them” said the beaten boy. “Not only me friend, these guys will also help us.” Said Anmol as 6 people appeared. “WOW” said Ayan. The six started introducing. “I am Artisian, he is Royal-knight, He is pavan, this guy is Focusarrow, He is RahulKaira and beside him is Zephyranna” “What sought of names are they” said a confused but happy Ayan. “These are pet names or should I say code names” said Focusarrow. “OH NO! I hear shouts from near the village.” said Ayan. “Run to save them” shouted Anmol. They ran at top speed and to some they were faster than the wind. They reached there to see a scary sight. “A vanguard of necromancers has attacked the village.” Said a woman. “Guys this is our first fight as a clan” shouted the battleready Narutoayan. “Let the battle begin” said Zephyranna. Their was thunder, lightning, rain and bloodshed. But it didn’t stop the fight. The enemy was in bigger numbers. But Ayans gang was in great confidence. And this was what made them with their first fight with no casualty only injuries.

(^_^)Written by Shashwatme(^_^)

1.Offline narutoayan 15 Duke 
2.Offline #7490eddy_immanuel 16 Sir Eddy 
3.Offline #7279sanskaragarwal 10 Inactive for some time :) 
4.Offline #6109Rex Galicie 14  
5.Offline _TheShaman_ 14 Help in hunts for free, cont. via PM or chat Room. Time : +7 
6.Offline DarknessDoom 15  
7.Offline #7705Lord Hallion91 15  
8.Offline #7365stoter 10  
9.Offline #7705Sir Jedi Knight 20  
10.Offline Stupefy 12  
11.Offline agent_004 16  
12.Offline sgtmuderer 6  
13.Offline Lord SpeedOfSound 7  
14.Offline MR-WIZARD 10  
15.Offline Lord daastan 7  
16.Offline Iambackadm 8  
17.Offline Areno 10  
18.Offline ianw 5  
19.Offline DarkLM 12  
20.Offline Lord Traktorist 6  
21.Offline Cronical_Of_Elf 6  
22.Offline ythlay 6  
23.Offline #7382ThenewKing 13  
24.Offline feza2 5  
25.Offline goldghostrider 8  
26.Offline bib1 6  
27.Offline tusstyle 8  
28.Offline Survival15 8  
29.Offline Lord anda 10  
30.Offline thedarkdevil 10  
31.Offline devil_warrior 7  
32.Offline ujwal 10  
33.Offline wizardpower32 8 Recruiter (Silver Medalist first olmypics 2012 level 6) 
34.Offline Lord implosion 7  
35.Offline minatour 7  
36.Offline iamtheworldking 9  
37.Offline john_CenAa 7  
38.Offline Dark-Tiko 7  
39.Offline Lady Pantere 8  
40.Offline pro_13 13  
41.Offline darkelfkautil 7  
42.Offline kunal_1999 6  
43.Offline B_kar 6  
44.Offline yash0007 7  
45.Offline Lord thanderbolt 10  
46.Offline bloody dark elf 8  
47.Offline kushagra5 7 Leases Hunter Set and lvl3-4 shop arts. Avatar Maker cheap 
48.Online #7490Lady SladurAna 15 Repair- 80% for repair cost 70% !!! 
49.Offline Fk-u 10  
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