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#7558 Legendary Warriors of Persia

 40 heroes

 » Leader: Lord SV22

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From 5000 years ago, the Time of the great Perisan Empire, Groups of Elite Heroes were selected and Trained to help and defend the Empire and its people, Either Rich or Poor, Strong or Weak.

We are the Remaining of the Old heroes, continuing their Path of Honor and selfless acts. We are going to Help this Empire to Prosper, Defend it against foes and help all who's in need. Merciful and kindhearted against all but avenger and Decisive when it is needed. We are The Legendary Warriors Of Persia.


Entry Fee Of the Clan is just the 500 Gold needed for the Invitation and registration.(No Tax Ever)

The Main rules:
- Don't cheat or you will be both evicted from the clan and reported to the Administrator.
- Help Clan members(according to rules)
- Must be a Persian player
- Enjoy the Game

We want to Change the Clan to a War Clan so Donations are required to reach the 2,000,000 gold needed to become one.

we need active players to start deciding what to do. the first two things the clan needs are:

1- Smith
2- Enchanter

We ask all the players to help with the smith's and enchanters to gain higher level so all can use their services.



1- SV22: 60% repair for 48% of the Repair Cost

1- Jadogar

1.Offline Lord SV22 16 Clan Leader - Smith of the Clan 
2.Offline #7382hako 10  
3.Offline LordPooya 6  
4.Offline PrinceOfPersia_ 10  
5.Offline PirateOfMen 11  
7.Offline LadyEli 6  
8.Offline persianprincess 6  
9.Offline Selahshor 7  
10.Offline Jadogar 13 Clan Enchanter 
11.Offline #7490Lord arian_lazer 13  
12.Online #7705snowholt270 13  
13.Offline mooonlight 6  
14.Offline abolfazl_99 9  
15.Offline Lord xerxiswolf 13  
16.Offline Lady lordmohammad130 10  
17.Offline TIGH 5  
18.Offline fardin6 5  
19.Offline king_solh 5  
20.Offline nima_cruel 13  
21.Offline farshadi 10  
22.Offline Lord fardin12 14  
23.Offline mo3tafa_a 5  
24.Offline iranpouya 9  
25.Offline utlars 9  
26.Offline Lord fery 7  
27.Offline shahin1378 5  
28.Offline farid343 9  
29.Offline mosi11 6  
30.Offline parsiman 13  
31.Offline KNIGHT_ofGOD 7  
32.Offline lord_ASSASSIN 10  
33.Offline abolfazl-99 13  
34.Offline lordmohammad130 12  
35.Offline HamiDBlaSteR 10  
36.Offline Lord midnight-shadow 15  
37.Offline UH KNIGHT 13  
38.Offline Kian The great 13  
39.Offline AMIN3 8  
40.Offline merlin1378 13  
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