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#7684 The Vanguard of Ronins

 18 heroes

 » Leader: Warlock naviron

 » Clan page: http://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=67948
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Shunning all society, this exquisite corner is only for those who don't need no authorities' or societies' recognition to measure their worth.

We are called rebels, and we are illegal, immoral, unethical... until we win. Then we become saviors...

Viva la Revolucion!!!

1.Offline #7705Warlock naviron 17 Ronin (tid=62511&page=38#540791), rebel en chief 
2.Offline Truin 7 Courageous General of the Anti-Air defense battalion 
3.Offline Woundy 8  RIP Recruit, Fallen in duty. RIP  
4.Offline #7705Purgatory 17 General of the `Piercing Arrow` Range Artilery battalion 
5.Offline Konan_D 17 General Doctor of the Red Cross unit 
6.Offline Nayart 11 General of the infantry battalion 
7.Offline HeckMcTreck 14 General of The Underground 
8.Offline Lord Schwarzenegger 10 Recruit 
9.Offline moon_barbarian 8 Recruit 
10.Online #9595merlin36 17 Recruit 
11.Offline mageof10 11 General of the gating battalion 
12.Offline moro888 14 General of the bomb diving squadron 
13.Offline elf_rogue 7 Captain 
14.Offline coolahed 15  RIP General, Fallen off duty. RIP  
15.Offline MrOnion 8 Chef. Rebellious cook of the revolutionary companeros 
16.Offline Guinevere 9 General, Master of Chaos! 
17.Offline TheoTheGreat 8 Recruit 
18.Offline MangoBlanco 6 Recruit. Resurected unkillable rebel: Ex xWounded, Ex Woundy 
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