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Registration has passed successfully and your character is ready to begin its way in the Lords of War and Money World. This fascinating game in fantasy style will take you to fantastic times and places inhabited by mysterious creatures and brave heroes. Thousands of players from different corners of the planet live in this virtual Universe - they trade, receive new knowledge and experience, create Unions, fight each other and defeat monsters that protect wealth and artifacts.

For your comfort, we have prepared a brief and easy-to-understand introduction to the game, answering the most frequently asked questions of beginners. This prologue can be skipped by pressing "Enter the Game!", however reading this will not take more than several minutes of your time, and it is persistently recommended to do so.

Ready to Play?

Fighting and card games compose the most exciting and fascinating element of the game. But there's also a small requirement: make sure that your browser has Flash Player version 7 or higher installed. To check whether it is installed or not, try to watch any combat completely, for instance, this one. Wait for it to load (it can take until 2 minutes at the first time).

Screen from Lords of War and Money.

Nothing happens? Try downloading Flash Player following this link.

Letís Rock!

So, you have chosen your faction, it is time to test it on the battlefield. The easiest and fastest kind of combats is Hunting. Hunting is very easy, simply follow the link to the Map of the Empire:

Screen from Lords of War and Money.

The Empire's lands are populated with the most varied species of creatures. You will face dozens of kinds, from lazy Peasants and slow Zombies, up to divine Unicorns and flaming Devils.

Screen from Lords of War and Money.

Don't waste a minute! Destroy your enemies, get combat experience, racial skills, gold, artifacts and respect of Hunters' Guild!
Screen from Lords of War and Money.

Know that hunt is not the only option for a real hero, and, besides, without earning high Guild reputation you can only hunt as often as once in 40 min. Duelling with other heroes, facing thieves, completing dangerous tasks of the Mercenaries' Guild... Not to mention resting in a tavern, constructing the castle, collecting artifacts, trading at the market, participating in Wars, and many other things!

Find your own tactics to win!

Lords of War and Money is a tactical world for the most part. Do you enjoy charging frenzily in attack? Shooting enemies in the eye from a cover? Or, maybe, you prefer to enforce defense and crush your enemy using magic? First thing to do is to recruit troops! Which one should be spared in order to take other units? Try different ways, find YOUR personal strategy. Even if you fail to achieve victory in battle, your armies will be ready after just 15 min, while you may have fun in the tavern or communicate at the forum. For now, follow the navigation link from the 'Character' page.
Screen from Lords of War and Money.
Screen from Lords of War and Money.

Remember, your army is on the bottom strip, the one left in the castle - on the top one. And you can always leave one, in order to recruit others. Just try it!

Easy money?

The first and the easiest way is to work at mining facilities, machining works or production factories. You get your salary automatically one hour or less after enrolling. It is NOT necessary to stay in the same location during all that time, nor even to stay online at all. Thus, your first few hundreds of gold can be received in the first couple of hours in game.

The second way is to receive levelup bonus from hero's Combat levels. It is necessary to fight other players or to hunt, of course.

There are many other ways to earn money in our game, however, not all of them are accessible to the newcomers. Trade resources and artifacts, help other heroes in hunting the monsters, ambush players after entering the Thieves' Guild, win bet games in tavern; start your career of mercenary, smith, alchemist; acquire facilities, etc. You will find newer and newer opportunities as your character grows.

Build your castle!

Each faction has their unique constructions. Some allow to train various types of armies, others increase morale or attack of soldiers, third are intended for studying magical spells. Requirements for building those constructions count not only gold and resources, but also combat level.

Good luck, newborn Hero of Empire!
Discover further advantages of Lords of War and Money World yourself, or get help at our forum!

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