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There are several communities in the Empire, known as Guilds. The guilds' purpose is to diversify gaming process of the characters and to enhance the efficiency of their actions.

  • Hunters' Guild
  • Laborers' Guild
  • Mercenaries' Guild
  • Thieves' Guild
  • Rangers' Guild
  • Commanders' Guild
  • Gamblers' Guild
  • Smiths' guild
  • Enchanters' Guild
  • Watchers' guild
  • Adventurers' Guild (Battle Campaigns)
  • Leadersí Guild

    Hunters' Guild

    The Huntersí Guild is dedicated to protecting the Empire from neutral creatures. According to our intelligence reports, such creatures may be encountered near the facilities on the
    map. By defeating them regularly, you will increase your standing in the guild and may even make your way onto the prestigious huntersí rankings.

    You will also earn gold for each successful hunt, and sometimes be lucky enough to receive artifacts from the Hunter set, Master Hunter set, Great Hunter set, or Beastbane set. The probability of receiving an artifact after a hunt is determined by the formula [3 + HG level] %, which means the higher your guild level, the higher the chance. You will need to reach guild level 3 to start receiving artifacts from the Master Hunter set, 5 for the Great Hunter set, and 6 for the Beastbane set.

    From 08:00 until 00:00, neutral creatures may be encountered once every 40 minutes. During night time, from 00:00 until 08:00, the creatures become more active and may be encountered twice as often, once every 20 minutes. For beginners at combat levels 1 and 2, this duration is reduced to just 5 minutes, and just 2.5 minutes at night.

    To hunt even more often, you may buy a special Hunterís license for a 25% reduction, or a Master Hunterís license for 50%. You may also be interested in Abu-Bakirís charm, which allows you to hunt 30% more often and is fully stackable with either of the hunter licenses. For maximum efficiency, combine the Master Hunterís license and Abu-Bakirís charm, and youíll be able to discover new creatures to hunt every 14 minutes during the day and every 7 minutes at night.
    And if that is not quick enough, you can spend 0.1 diamonds to immediately discover a new hunt

    Hunting gives two times less faction points and 5 times less combat experience when compared to PVP combats. After getting enough hunt points to get a new guild level, the guild will teach you more complicated combat tactics increasing your attack skill by 1. Details

    After you reach Huntersí Guild level 2, you may summon a friend to help you in a hunt. Your friendís combat level will need to be the same as yours, or up to two levels lower. Alternatively, you may invite a random player of a suitable combat level to help you hunt. Your helper must be in the same map sector and their Huntersí Guild level needs to be at least 1. If you win, your helper will receive half of the gold reward, up to 0.5 faction skill points, 0.1 Huntersí Guild points, and a chance to receive an artifact. You, on the other hand, will receive Huntersí Guild points proportional to the total damage you inflict in the hunt.
    If you post a call for help, this call will stay up for up to 5 minutes, but after 3 minutes any suitable helper may answer the call even if asking a friend (they need to be in the same map sector as you and their combat level can be equal to yours or one lower). If your call for help remains unanswered for 5 minutes, it expires and no combat is initiated.
    After you reach Huntersí Guild level 6, you will begin to discover not one but two potential hunting targets at a time. If you choose to pursue one of them, the other one will be dismissed automatically.

    A danger indicator is shown next to each potential hunting target. This reflects the ratio of the size of the enemy to your factionís and combat levelís current record hunt against this particular creature. Here is what the indicators stand for:
    Up to 30% of the record hunt
    Up to 50% of the record hunt
    Up to 70% of the record hunt
    Up to 100% of the record hunt
    Equal to or greater than the record hunt

    If no one of your faction and combat level has set a record for this type of neutral creature before, the danger indicator will appear as ,
    Each time you successfully hunt a type of neutral creature, its size will exponentially increase in the next hunt according to the formula: N = n*1.3^max[Y;0.2],
    where N is the new size, n is the previous size, and Y is the amount of faction skill points you earned in the last successful hunt against this creature (which is always in the range between 0.2 and 1.0)
    The most common example: you successfully hunt a creature on your own, so Y in the formula above equals 1, and your next hunt against the same creature will have 30% more of them.

    You can only initiate a hunt when:
    1. Your castle army is sufficiently recruited and 100% ready to fight;
    2. Your character is not involved in any pending combat challenges;
    3. Your characterís Defense parameter is 0 or higher.

    If your hunt happens to last for a while, remember that neutral creatures will increase their Speed by 1 every 10 combat rounds (equal to 10 turns taken by a character with an Initiative of 10), and they will also increase their Initiative by 1 every 200 rounds.

    Laborers' Guild

    When sending his or her workers to production works, your character gets special skill points that make count of the laborers' guild. The efficiency of any industrial facility depends for that reason directly on the professionalism of its workers, while their wage is multiplied by a certain coefficient. The laborer skill is displayed at the character information page, and the guild point table can be found in the
    corresponding section of this help section.

    Anytime a character dispatches his or her workers to facilities 10 time in a row since the last victorious combat, workaholic penalty is enabled. Every next workshift leads to 20% efficiency drop down to 10% efficiency. Efficiency is restored in full only if the character gets at least 0.5 faction skill points in a victorious combat. Otherwise, the counter of workshifts is diminished only in proportion to received faction skill points.

    Besides increasing wage, the laborers' guild will also increase the defense skill of your character. Every even Guild level increases his or her defense by 1.

    Mercenaries' Guild

    Offices of this guild can be found in Peaceful Camp, Fairy Trees, East River and Fishing village. The guild's main objective is to aid the regular army in constraining the constant threat of aggressive neutrals. Daredevils and adventure seekers are also always welcomed. Their main business is to complete various quests. A quest can be taken by any character, however, the chances for success of characters with combat level lower than 5 aren't too high. All the quests are limited in time. Every mercenary considers it a duty to return to the guild and report his or her quest successes. That is when the quest is considered completed or failed. For completing the quest, the guild rewards your character with gold and sometimes rare elements. Lords who completed lots of guild quests get additional bonuses from the guild. New possible reward types are uncovered with new Guild levels achieved:

    MG 0 MG 1 MG 2 MG 3 MG 5
    Toadstool Meteorite Shard Abrasive Fire crystal Witch bloom Windflower Viper venom Ice crystal Tiger`s claw Moonstone Fern flower

    Every mercenary has a certain reputation in the guild, it affects the frequency of quest offers. Successful quests increase the guilds loyalty, while rejecting the quests or failing them decreases your reputation. Note that it is much harder to gain the guild's trust, than to lose it.

    The amount of guild points necessary for leveling up can be learned from the experience tables.

    Thieves' Guild

    This is a clandestine guild, your character does not have free access to it since registration.
    A secret society, whose primary objective is to ambush trade caravans. Entering the guild is only possible if you possess a special invitation acquired from another thief, or after paying the
    guild entrance fee:

    Combat level 6 is required to enter the guild. The invitation parchment disappears from the inventory; however, a progressive thief gets new ones after reaching level 5 of the guild.
    Players who had previously received the TGI at Guild level 2 by the old rules, will not be given one at Guild level 5.

    Lords gain guild points for successful ambushes. Besides that, defeating other players and mob caravans earns gold. The loot is proportional to the thief skill level.

    Equally with caravans, it is possible to encounter player characters of the same combat level. The ambushes are set between regions in both directions. Ambush can only occur if someone walks between those regions. However, the traveler always has a chance to pass unspotted. If two travelers are walking in the same direction and both get caught, all the three will fight in one combat. Obviously, the victims would unite against their aggressor.

    1) The troops of the ambusher must be 100% ready and those of the traveler - at least 40% ready for the ambush to take place;
    2) The thief's victim who suffered a defeat cannot be ambushed again unless three hours have passed since last ambush;
    3) The thief who lost the combat can set a new ambush only 1 hour later;
    4) During ambush, the troops and mana restoration of the victim does not cease.
    5) Any thief who had abandoned the Guild may return by paying a penalty of 1000*[combat level] gold.
    6) Characters may have the initiative bonus only from the guild that is currently active.

    Each new level in thievesí guild grants its member initiative increase, as well as one random Thief set artifact until guild level 7, or one random Plunderer set artifact since guild level 8.
    Note that the initiative bonus is only applicable whilst you are an active guild member, it never stacks with initiative earned with the Rangersí guild.

    Rangers' Guild

    An honorary organization founded to combat the atrocities of the Thieves' Guild on the Empireís travel and trade routes. The main objective of the guild is to promptly identify where thieves lie in ambush and quickly eliminate the detected threats, so that over time, robbery and burglary is eliminated in the lands of the Empire once and for all.

    Joining the ranks of the brave Rangers is possible for any lord or lady who has reached combat level 7 and entrance is absolutely free. To join, one will need to visit the
    guild headquarters at Empire Capital and pass the test of a military ranger-teacher, in which he teaches the applicant the rudiments of Ranger skills. The guild door is open even for repentant thieves, but to prove their loyalty, former thieves will have to renounce all Thieves' guild privileges, including freezing the extra initiative they earned during their days of crime.

    Ranger guild points are gained with the successful performance of missions. Missions are accepted at briefings at the guild headquarters. The briefings take form of an urgent call to help Ranger Scouts in battle against a thief who has been spotted to lie in ambush in certain location of the map. In order to successfully complete the mission, the lord or lady would have to reach that location in very short time and to defeat the thief. However, in order to accept the job, he or she needs to have high-speed mount (Stallion or better), as thieves are very nimble and known to quickly escape from persecution. The Ranger scout participates in combat at the Ranger's side, acting independently, but can also carry out certain instructions from the lord or lady in obedience to the following commands:
  • wait (the assistant will wait with his troops);
  • x:y (the coordinates of an enemy stack that is to become the focus of the assistant's attack, where x is horizontal and y - vertical coordinate of the tile. example, 11:1);
  • attack (independent attack mode, applicable if either of the first two commands were used afore).

    There is also a chance to fall into an ambush of a thief player whose combat level is the same as the Ranger's. Guild points may also be gained by successfully defeating a thief in the ambush, but for that, one must have joined the guild (passed the entrance test) and it should be selected active (not the Thieves' guild).

    1) To start a guild mission battle, the Ranger must have his or her troops 100% ready;
    2) To be caught in a thief ambush whilst moving between locations, the Ranger must have his or her troops at least 40% ready;
    3) The thief who has been defeated by the Ranger suffers a 1 hour penalty before being able to ambush again.
    4) Any ranger who had abandoned the Guild may return by paying a penalty of 1000*[combat level] gold.
    5) Characters may have the initiative bonus only from the guild that is currently active.

    Each new level in rangersí guild grants its member initiative increase; certain levels will also earn a random Ranger set artifact.
    Note that the initiative bonus is only applicable whilst you are an active guild member, it never stacks with initiative earned with the Thievesí guild.

    Commanders' Guild

    Commanders' Guild is for those who prefer PvP (player versus player) combat. To participate, click Battles in the main menu and select the
    Commanders' Guild item in the dropdown.

    Unlike regular group battles and duels, combat in this guild follows stricter rules. First, you must reach combat level 9 or higher to be eligible to join the guild. Youíll also need to pass a trial, in which you must defeat a mirror image of your own army and character, only 20% larger.

    Possible combat types include:
    1. Duels (1x1) between players of the same combat level.
    2. Paired (2x2) battles between players of different combat levels.

    Guild battles start once every 30 minutes; challenges are accepted between 20 and 30 minutes and between 50 and 00 minutes on the hour.

    When fighting Duels, you will not be matched against the same opponent more than twice a day. If no suitable duel opponent is found for you 1 minute before battles start, you may switch to paired battles instead.

    When matching challengers with each other, priority is given to paired 2x2 battles between same or almost same combat levels. For example, two players of CL 15 and 14 CL will be matched up against two other players of CL 15 and 14 if possible, and so on. All challengers will be entered into a match, but if there are not enough human opponents, some matches may include AI-controlled copies of other human players.

    The winning team receives from 1 to 1.2 guild points, depending on the combat type and the number of players, and a chance to get a creature armament. The losing team receives from 0.2 to 0.25 guild points.

    Commanders' Guild battles offer a far better ratio of faction skill points to experience than do regular group battles. In addition, each new guild level grants you one special artifact out of the 13 that make up the Commanderís set. Also, after reaching guild level 1, you get a chance to loot one of the defeated player' artifacts (the looted item is a low-durability, non-transferable replica of the one worn by the defeated player) in PvP battles. The chance of this increases with each new guild level you attain.

    Gamblers' Guild

    The guild unites all admirers of the "
    Two Towers" card game. Any player can have a game at the tavern of the region he or she is currently in. Victory grants one guild point, losers go empty-handed. After receiving the first level in the guild, as well as 3d combat level, the players gain a possibility to bet on their victories. The amount of victories necessary for passing to a new level and the maximal stake amount for your current level can be learned from the experience table.

    Taverns in different regions have different starting and victory conditions, as seen in the following table.

          DataInitial conditions Victory conditions
    Region    TowerWallMineMonasteryBarracksTowerResources
    Empire Capital
    Eagle Nest
    Port City
    East River
    Portal Ruins
    Mithril Coast
    The Wilderness
    Tiger Lake
    Dragons' Caves
    Titans' Valley
    Rogues' Wood
    Shining Spring
    Great Wall
    Wolf Dale
    Sunny City
    Fishing Village
    Peaceful Camp
    Magma Mines
    Kingdom Castle
    Lizard Lowland
    Bear Mountain
    Ungovernable Steppe
    Green Wood
    Fairy Trees
    Crystal Garden

    There are strict rules in the guild:
    1) The Tavern owner gets 5% interest from each trophy sum;
    2) A player with lower guild level cannot join a game with a bet for higher level;
    3) It is not necessary to be in the same region the challenger is to accept his or her challenge.

    Insults and foul language at the game table are forbidden. Moderators watch the taverns and keep order, giving penalties to tempestuous visitors.

    Smiths' guild

    To enter this guild, you should get to combat level 6 and build a Blacksmith in your castle. Enter it and open the "repair" section and you will be able to repair worn out artifacts.


    Any artifact with durability 0/X can be repaired. Repairing efficiency depends on the guild level and varies from 10% to 90%. For instance, the guild novice will repair artifacts with 10% efficiency, which means, that a worn out artifact of 0/30 will have 3/29 durability after repairing, while an experienced blacksmith with 60% efficiency would turn the same item to 18/29 durability.

    Repair cost with any efficiency makes 95% of the converted shop artifact cost (according to the prices of the
    shop), and is even higher for rare set artifacts, while the best available repair efficiency is 90% at most. The guild warns that smithing is an art, and usually leads to spending a lot of gold to build up an effective smith. Rare or enchanted artifacts cannot be bought at the shop, repairing them is the main function of a smith.

    Smiths who have achieved guild level 8 and belong to a Military clan that has built a depository may gain access to repairing clan artifacts deposited for repairing at the cost of depository account gold. The artifact must not be deposited in a set to be able to repair it. The clan leader may set an automatic reward for guild smiths ranging from 1 to 10% repair cost.

    1) Repair time and cost do not change with the smiths' guild leveling. The only thing that increases is the efficiency, hence the artifact's resultant durability;
    2) Repair time and guild points gained only depend on the estimated value of the artifact and are in direct proportion to it. Thus, the more expensive the item is, the longer time it will take to repair it and the more guild points it will grant;
    3) Repairing two artifacts at a time is not possible, moreover, you need to reach guild level 9 to be able to do two types of works in your blacksmith (repairing and enchanting) at the same time.

    The amount of guild points necessary for "smithing up" can be learned from the experience tables.

    Enchanters' Guild

    Founded by the Great Craftsman's apprentices, the guild allows the characters to create their own personal ammunition parts. Almost any known artifact can be modified, gaining new magical properties after enchanting. Modifying takes place in your blacksmith that cannot be built before combat level 6. Rare elements, received in the Mercenariesí guild or bought at the market, are used in the enchanting process.

    There are three subdivisions of the guild called branches. Every guild member can be a weaponsmith, armorer and/or jewelcrafter. The power of lord's modifying depends on the corresponding branch level. Any improvement requires time and elements. The guild points gained from a modification equal to the amount of spent elements. These points are added to both the subdivision level and the common guild level counts. Every apprentice must decide, whether to be a skilled enchanter in one branch or to be able to enchant a little bit of everything.

         Enchanters' Guild
    Enchantment type
    Enchantment type
    Enchantment type
    Earth elemental damage bonus
    Meteorite ShardToadstoolFern flower
    Earth elemental shield
    Meteorite ShardFern flower
    Earth spell damage bonus;
    ignore air shield
    Meteorite ShardTiger`s clawFern flower
    Air elemental damage bonus
    WindflowerWitch bloomFern flower
    Air elemental shield
    WindflowerFern flower
    Air spell damage bonus;
    ignore earth shield
    WindflowerMeteorite ShardFern flower
    Fire elemental damage bonus
    Fire crystalTiger`s clawFern flower
    Fire elemental shield
    Fire crystalFern flower
    Fire spell damage bonus;
    ignore water shield
    Fire crystalAbrasiveFern flower
    Water elemental damage bonus
    Ice crystalViper venomFern flower
    Water elemental shield
    Ice crystalFern flower
    Water spell damage bonus;
    ignore fire shield
    Ice crystalWitch bloomFern flower
    Ignore target`s defense
    MoonstoneAbrasiveFern flower
    Decrease attack of attacking stack
    MoonstoneAbrasiveFern flower
    Nature spell efficiency bonus
    WindflowerTiger`s clawFern flower

    Up to 5 different modification types can be set on every artifact. This amount depends on the enchanter's guild level. To enable the setting of 5th enchantment on any item, 10 Fern flower elements must be used. For advertising purpose, the enchanter can mark an artifact he worked at with his or her personal brand (for extra 5000 gold).

    After modifying an artifact, a special marking is added to its name and the image of the artifact displays related symbols.
    In combat you can see the effect from modified artifacts by Ctrl+double clicking the character image.

    Building the blacksmith is required to enter the guild. It can be built by characters who reached combat level 6.
    Upon reaching guild level 5, it becomes possible to use both sections of the blacksmith at the same time, allowing you to repair items even when enchanting is in progress.

    The amount of guild points necessary for climbing the guild level stairs can be seen in the
    experience tables.

    Watchers' guild

    Ancient tales of a secretive guild of watchmen that would defend the Empire lands from its numerous enemies long before every other guild appeared were passed from generation to generation, from dynasty to dynasty. The watchmen would defend the Empire with a shield unseen, fighting the invaders, punishing the villains, guarding ancient relics and protecting magical leylines. At times, woeful events would disturb the relevant calm in the Empire, forcing the nobility to take arms to defend their land as it would seem that the saving hand of the guild had vanished. But over time things would resume their normal course.
    Many Heroes of the Empire, as well as Lords and Ladies later on, sought to discover the guild's location and the watchmen themselves, but the latter waited for the fateful hour. They knew that eventually times of great disturbance would come and the Empire would appear under too much tension. And that then, only the most prominent of the heroes and lords would have to be accepted among the ranks of the veteran Watchmen.

    1. Any Lord or Lady of combat level 3 and above may join the new guild;
    2. In order to join the guild, you will need to run a test errand offered by the guildmaster;
    3. Watchers' Guild may be accessed via the
    link, as well as in the top right corner of the map.

    Duel combat Boss-directed army Hunt Battle in Portal of Time
    Battle with Pirates Battle in Undead Vault Battle with an outlaw hero
    Battle against two or three criminals Fight a criminal hiding behind castle walls Defeat a brigand waiting in ambush Protecting the village

    1. Three Watchers' Guild errands are available each day. Errands are changed at midnight;
    2. The first successful completion of an errand is awarded with gold scaling by your combat level;
    3. Success of your combat is ranked in stars (from 1 to 3), depending on suffered casualties. The better an errand is completed, the more experience, faction skill points and guild points you will receive. A 3 star errand will also earn a random creature armament;
    4. An errand with its success ranked at 1 or 2 stars may be re-run to improve your result and get the difference of experience, faction skill points and guild points;
    5. If a re-run errand is failed or the result isn't improved, the difference of points will not be received;
    6. An errand may only be re-run with the faction and class from the initial attempt;
    7. Only shop artifacts are accepted in guild errands. Artifact enchantments have no effect;
    8. For each combat level there is a set level of required and recommended ammunition points;
    9. Errand complexity increases with each new guild level;
    10. All guild errands are accomplishable a posteriori (already completed at the given combat level with the given faction and class);
    11. The potion of skill has effect in Watchers' Guild combats (at average faction skill level at the given combat level).>

    Adventurers' Guild (Battle Campaigns)

    Finding the Healer Amnitis Mysteries Mysterious epidemic Tribal Spirit

    Uniting avid adventurers and thrill seekers, this guild awards guild points for completing
    Battle Campaigns. Battle Campaigns offer intriguing adventures on graphic minimaps in which you wage battle, collect valuable items and interact with story characters. Unlike quest missions, campaigns battles feature opponents whose armies and stats generally match yours in strength, meaning that you can complete each campaign multiple times with different factions for new and exciting experiences.

    1) Each campaign comes in three possible difficulty levels: "Recruit", "Combatant" Ť "Hero". The Hero level unlocks after you successfully complete a campaign on the Combatant level.
    2) For the first time you successfully complete a campaign on each difficulty level (using a particular faction and class), you will receive a valuable reward depending on the chosen difficulty. Rewards may include diamonds, estate certificates (100 are needed to claim an estate), gold, resources, artifacts and/or creature armaments.
    3) You can fight campaign battles wearing any artifacts, but enchantments have NO effect.
    4) Experience points and faction skill points for campaign battles won are awarded only for the first time you play a campaign on a given combat level, with a given faction and class, on each difficulty level. If you happen to lose the same campaign battle several times, you will only receive (partial) experience and skill points for the first loss.
    5) When you replay a campaign with a different faction or class, you will face different enemies. All battles are known to be winnable.
    6) Similar to the Watchers' Guild, your performance in campaign battles is evaluated based on how much of your army survives. The highest possible result may be attained only by winning all of the available battles in a campaign.
    7) If you attempt and lose the same battle three times or more, the enemyís army will be weakened, but an eventual victory will only earn you the minimum score.
    8) The guild maintains rankings per combat level, taking into account all of a playerís campaign completions, including all the factions and classes used.
    9) Potion of Skill is effective when fighting campaign battles, based on the average faction skill level of players at your combat level.
    10) Neutral creatures cannot be met in guild battles, equipment bonuses to reduce / increase damage on neutral creatures do not apply.

    Your guild points are the sum of your best scores for each campaign completion with each faction and class, out of all difficulty levels. This means that when you complete a campaign a second (or third, etc.) time with the same faction and class, you can earn additional guild points only if you improve your score, which is calculated per the formula below:
    • 0.8 * Efficiency rate for Recruit level
    • 1 * Efficiency rate for Combatant level
    • 1.2 * Efficiency rate for Hero level
    Example: You complete Finding the Healer as a 15 CL Elf on medium (Combatant) difficulty.Your efficiency rate is 90%. For this you earn 100 * 0.9 = 90 Adventurersí Guild points. Next, you complete the same Campaign as a Charmer Elf on high (Hero) difficulty. Your efficiency rate is 100%. For this you earn an additional 120 * 1.2 = 120 guild points. Then you level up to CL 16. You may complete the same Campaign as Charmer Elf again, and you would earn experience points, skill points and other rewards, but you would NOT earn any more Adventurersí Guild points no matter what score you get. However, if you complete the Campaign as a regular Elf and get a higher score than you did originally on CL 15, you can earn additional guild points: up to 10 extra points if you choose Combatant difficulty (100 - 90), or up to 30 extra points (120 - 90) if you choose Hero difficulty.

    Leadersí Guild

    The grand walls of the Leadersí Guild offer all Lords and Ladies of combat level 5 or higher the opportunity to prove their full leadership potential, both for their own benefit and that of the Empire, and lead their followers to everlasting glory.
    In order to perform Guild tasks, the Heroes need to gather their army.
  • Once every five battles for which the acquired skill points are not less than 0.3 and artifacts deteriorate, a random stack of creatures will join you.
  • The total leadership value of the creatures that join you depends on whether the battles were won and how much AP was worn.

    Guild features:
    1. Each Lord or Lady can
    form an army from the detachments of followers available to them and send them to complete special challenges.
    2. The number of creatures recruited depends on your leadership capacity and the leadership value of the creatures. Your leadership capacity is determined by your level in the Leadersí Guild.
    3. The total leadership value of one recruited creature type cannot exceed 40% of your leadership capacity.
    4. A maximum of three challenges, or four challenges with the Abu-Bakirís Charm, are available to you at a time. Challenges are replenished at the rate of one every three hours until they reach the maximum number.
    5. In any challenge there are three levels of difficulty; the more difficult the opponent, the more gold and Guild points you can earn.
    6. Having lost a challenge at one of the levels of difficulty, you may still try to win the challenge on a different difficulty.
    7. Upon completion of a challenge, a new one, if available, will be presented. A challenge is considered completed if you win it at any difficulty level, lose it at all levels of difficulty, or skip it.
    8. Fights take place without artifacts, skills, or participation of your character. After placing the units, if you wish, you can activate automatic combat.
    9. You do not receive experience and faction skill points in these battles, and artifacts do not wear out.
    10. The army lost in battle disappears from your reserve, but after the battle you can resurrect uncommon, rare, and epic creatures for gold. The cost of resurrection depends on the leadership value of the creature. Creature resurrection discount:
  • 10% Ė for Rare creatures
  • 15% Ė for Epic creatures
    11. The higher your guild level, the higher the likelihood of rarer troops joining you.
    12. You can exchange a troop of followers for a random higher-rarity troop of the same faction. Only 50,000 leadership-value worth of creatures may be exchanged at a time.
    13. Especially dangerous targets
  • Once a day, each player is given a special challenge, which is the same for all Lords and Ladies of the same Leadersí guild level (from 0 to 10+);
  • The enemy forces may include mixed faction troops possibly led by a hero and include dangerous bosses and monsters.;
  • For successfully completing the challenge you will be rewarded with a large amount of gold, +2 Leadersí Guild points and 10 parts of a Secret Scroll of Calling;
  • Combats against especially dangerous targets are not available for viewing until the rewards are given out;
  • Especially dangerous targets have their own daily Rankings
    The rankings are based on the percentage of your troops that survive in battle after clearing the challenge. The more troops you keep intact, the higher your ranking will be. The top Leaders will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze achievement every day:
    (The achievement should appear in your profile by noon of the next day).

    The top 1%
    The next 2%
    The next 3%
    14. As the Leadersí Guild develops, it will introduce new types of challenges and hold more large-scale events.
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