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There are 3 ways to win:
1) Demolish enemy tower (down to level 0);
2) Build up your tower to the level specified in the victory conditions;
3) Gather the specified amount of each resource type.

Each player has a tower and a wall. The wall takes damage if the card does not target the tower directly. The wall serves only for protection, hence is not that valuable.

There are three kinds of resources in game: ore, mana and troops. You will need them to play cards. In game there are cards of three colors: red, blue and green. Each card costs only one type of resource, according to its color. The cost is specified in the bottom right corner.
Red cards require ore. They usually raise the wall level.
Blue cards require mana. They usually serve to build up the tower.
Green cards require troops. They are usually used to deal damage to the opponent.

Players gain as many resources of each type per turn, as the corresponding source level is.
Mine - gives ore in quantity equal to its level each turn.
Monastery - gives mana in quantity equal to its level each turn.
Barracks - give troops in quantity equal to their level each turn.
Each card does what is written on it.

Game interface:
Your character's tower, wall and sources are always on the left, the opponent's ones - on the right. In each of three cells in the top left corner sources are displayed. It is the quantity of resources that you gain each turn. The number in the bottom right corner of the cell is your current balance of a resource. It is as much as you can currently spend.
Each turn, you play a card, then draw a card. If you can't or don't wish to play any card, you may discard one and then still draw.
To discard, click the 'minus' button in the bottom left corner of a card. If you play a card, the resource amount written in the bottom right corner of the card will be withdrawn from your balance according to the color of the card. The card's color is faded if there are not enough resources to play it, but such card can still be discarded.

The first loading (loading of the updated version) takes some time (about 1-2 minutes for dial-up connections), the size of flash-shell is ~200 KB, please, keep it in mind.

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