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Thief Invitation - Auction.


AuthorThief Invitation - Auction.
I canceled lottery.

This time I make an auction.
Let's start from 200.000 gold (80 diamonds * 2500).

Lotery end 10.08.2008 time 12:00

Post your bid here.

Accept Thiefs items (150k / each)
If you choice xchange with Thiews items, you will have 2 weeks for get them.

yours LEVY
hi can you giv me the thief invite but I will giv you a thief art and another thief invitation when I got to TG LV2
*thief invitation
I offer both first thief artifacts as well as the first invitation i obtain (so essentially every object i get for the first two levels in the thieves guild) for your invitation to the thieves guild.
Im gonna giv u three arts and an invitation
I certainly do not wish to insult your abilities at this game, Syther, but i do doubt you will achieve level three in the thieves guild within two weeks as LEVY demands for offers in thief artifacts...
Hi, could you lend your thief invitation to me? I will return your INVITATION with TWO sets of thief arts that I got in 2-3 weeks. thx!
congra LEVY, im sure noone want givethree arts and an invitation like Syther..
Thiefs items (150k / each)
If use your price, that meaning:
3 art = 150k x 3 = 450k Plus got invitation too..
and we said 300k for invitation so you got 450k + 300k = 750k
that very very big money for you.. :D

and congra Syther for the invitation.. :p
Only seriously oferts, plz
Syther - most prpbably: you can't get 3 items in 2 weeks.
oh sorry I didn't see that u have to give the items within 2 weeks
For two week time, I will give the items and 100k gold. Plus another thieve item after I reach TG 2.

I believe I can not hit TG 2 within 2 weeks time.

Below is my offer:

50k gold for receiving the invitation,
Within 2 week time, 50k gold and a thieve art,
Plus another thieve art after reach TG 2.

I hope you can accept my offer.
Well, China_blue99's post makes me ask a question: with how much gold do you weigh the thieves invitation Syther and myself (but not china_blue99) did offer in addition to the 2 thief artifacts? 200k, too?
so my offer at the moment essentially would be 2*150k+200k=500k gold?
Cash is better, isn't it?
I would like to offer 300 k.
OMG binghuo how'd you get so rich!!!!
well, "cash is better" probably is relative, because from me and Syther, LEVY would get a invitation back which he again could sell. that's why i asked how much he values that returned invitation.
But it's depend on that it will be returned in time. LEVY must take a risk to lend it to someone. If it's not returned on time or someone default, what LEVY can do?
true. the thing is, i am a moderator of another (still somewhat bigger with almost 3 million registered players) webgame, which goes with a certain history of reliability on my part. Ask Warlord, he already visited me there. BTW, nice adaption of my "i want to become an expert weapon enchanter" text in your profile.
For destroyre101, I am not rich, I borrow the money from my clan members. I have to return them later. :-)
I was not saying you are not reliable. I just said there is a risk for LEVY. So it's completely up to LEVY to lend or sale.
nor did i understand it that way, binghuo, no fear. I just wanted to say something on my behalf, so LEVY would have another point in my favor ;)

as for risk minimizing, i can offer a deposit of let's say 15k gold if i should actually fail to achieve level 2 thief guild within two weeks. how does that sound?
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