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Small time multi account user owning up!

AuthorSmall time multi account user owning up!
Hi, to admins, I am a ex-multi account user and I stopped pushing stuff to my main last week. I have decided to come clean and return all the stuff to my other accounts.

If the admins want to block my other feeder accounts pls do so. They are Reon and Kyron (Thanks!).

I also have a lvl 2 account Aoi but that account is clean and I intend to make it stay that way.

To all other users and admins, I am sorry for abusing and disrespecting the rules. I won't do it again. If there is any punishment I am still subjected to, please inform me. Just dont ban my main. I still want to continue playing this character and I love this game. Thank you. T_T
closed by Lexa (2008-08-28 00:22:05)
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