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Practice Battles

AuthorPractice Battles
I like this game but i hate the wait between battles i think that there should be some sort of practice battle/duel feature you dont get anything from it but there is never any wait and it doesnt hurt you or use any mana or what ever just a place to pass the time and practice strategy for and upcoming duel when your health hits ful

your thoughts?
I like this idea. It's been brought up before. Like training at the cost of some gold. I've read it somewhere..
sorry for my bad grammar i have no excuse for it

but i think that you should be able to have duels all the time but they only count for xp when you have full health

or something along those lines
I think the admins may consider that if we ever get a downloadable client. Tell me if I'm mistaken, but I think there'a a limit for the number of simultaneous battles going on at the same time, because the server needs to handle them all. Practise battles would only clog the server.
oh... i didnt realize that. that also explains the 15 minute regen time

i think he meant you dont get anything, no skill or xp. Just practice, adn you get to fight whenever...but kimbert has a point.
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