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Hunting Assistance at any part of Empire!

AuthorHunting Assistance at any part of Empire!
Ready to help you win any hunt at any location, against any monsters just for half of Gold.

Only 3rd level Knight (best against archers) or 3rd lev. Dark Elf (excellent ag. slow fat creatures) are available yet.
i do all assists 2 all factions in all locations. free.
beware of Elves - they'll Easily grab your skill points:
Humans - no!
everywhere can find assistance for free.
Humans - no! *knights, lol.

and also. i am a knight 4 now.
[Post deleted by moderator Erlemar // ]
When a player just calles for assistanse, anyone can help him - afker, fool.. of someone, who will kill more them 40% of enemy..
But I know that AtYourService is perfect assistant
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