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begger followed me into battle

Authorbegger followed me into battle
saptarhal (i think it was his name) came into my battle to beg for money.

saptarshi was the name, went back and looked.
12-18-08 09:30: Transferred 2500 Gold to StevieG : 17k left
12-24-08 07:21: Transferred 888 Gold to StevieG :
12-24-08 07:23: Transferred 122 Gold to StevieG : 16500 left

888+122 = 1000 gold.

17k become 16500? kinda strange. admin, please watch this guy.

Anyway, i don't understand why he beg for gold. look at the transfer log.
After he borrow, he lend it again to other people.

asking for a loan is not the same as begging for money
as far as i know is it allowed to ask for a loan, but not to beg for money
[Player banned by moderator Pang until 2008-12-26 09:03:51 // dont reply if you are not invovled]
well here is a seperate incident, this person was asking me 'to give them money' this person was not asking 'for a loan' although IMO if i dont offer to loan somebody money and they ask me for it that is no different than begging unless it is someone i know.

name: tanbiingjye

battle he followed me into: https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=474546871
here is the link to his transfer log, i dont know why he is begging. he has at least 6 accounts all with the same name, but different number at the end that are sending each other tons of stuff.

closed by Lord cepruyc (2009-04-20 21:18:58)
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