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Troop Sets

AuthorTroop Sets
Well we have artifact sets so why not have troop sets bith in battle and out of battle it would work when ure highering troops you just press set one and they change automatically and when i battle you set up your troops and press save troop setup so the next time you go into battle you just press troop set 1 and all your troops move and / or split up into the things you have set, this would make it alot easyer when in combat as it is sometime annoying haviong to move your fat troops around just to get your smaller troops into places so if u have the troops set you only need to do that once.

only constructed criticism please!
it is a good idea in some way, but then you need at least 20 different set ups to remember
and what if i take 1 more druid and 1 sprite less?
then it cant load the setup from the previous time because i dont have the same units anymore
And for most monsters you use a different set up (group battle, duel, ranged-hunt, large creatures in hunt, slow creatures with low ini, etc etc etc)
well it like with our arts, we just have to make do with 2 sets and people have made it work, and if we recruit less it will just deduct that from your current troops and work around it, it may remove one stack of 1 alto or just take 1 away from a larger stack, as you would do if that wasnt implemented
I think it is possible. It would be like the mini arts that wizards have. It would be nice if they came in sets, like the hunter sets. Actually, I would like to see more sets in general. We could have faction sets or something. Actually, that probably would be better, faction sets that you could equip on your troops & maybe a faction set that you could also equip onto your hero.
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