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ambush and game interrest

Authorambush and game interrest
Is there a way to make those encounters more interresting and challenging for the thief ?
I mean I'm playing a necro and got ambushed several times by elves or dark elves.
Except when I fought with an other ambushed player i can't resist more than 2 minutes then see that the thief has won 3k xp and 1skp (or so).
Is that really normal to win that much so quickly ?

I would suggest to evaluate the difference of strength between the 2 opponents and add some defending troops to the ambushed one.
It seems to work like this when ambushed one is far weaker than the thief but this could be applied as well when thief is full arts and/or diamond upgrade and defender is "nude".

I know that in order to sell thief inviation for 80euro it has to be efficient so it encourages players to pay but is that so interresting for somebody to win or loose in less than 2 minutes with 0 risk for thief ?

Eventually allow 2 players to travel side by side (need code change to temporarily "link" the 2 armies but would be nice).
Come on my friend let's go to the capital and if we fall on a thief ambush we'll fight together...
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