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Many of us, know about this game a little... And so I suggest to fill them... Having asked me a question, and having paid the small sum you receive the answer as soon as I will be online...

For what it is necessary: to Facilitate a life to inspectors at a forum and in a chat...

Cost of services: 1 question - 100 gold 2 questions - 200 gold 3 questions - 300 gold, And on increasing...
All questions send in personal mail.
I believe that there are many players willing to answer questions for free.
yeap, i totally agree with what #3 said :) i am one of those who will answer for free
lol, another desperate way to get money ^^
i bet 0 ppl will go up to you to ask..
alright everyone who will answer for free put ur name here so they know NOT to listen to veni vedi vici

meeee ^.^
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