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demonknight rented my Thief Guild Invitation, term is
He posted the agreement at below,

I, player demonknight, would like to rent the thief invitation (TGI) from lightingsword. I would like to accept the renting term:
-I will return TGI to lightingsword in 4 weeks.
-I will send lightingsword my first thief art as renting fee for first week.
-I will send lightingsword my second thief arts if return TGI after first week.
-If return TGI after 2 weeks, I pay 3000 gold per extra day past 2 weeks.
-I will not give or rent the TGI to anyone else.

He then ask me to skip 4 days because he will be off town. I agreed, he came back and finished TG2.
he didn't send back the second Theif art. I send his many PMs, he ignored.
Then I go to his battle and talk to him, he agree to send out the second theif art.

I got a pair of theif boots.

Today I happened to checked his trading log. here is what happenned.

01-09-09 18:59: Transferred item(s): 'Thief amulet' [60/60] to chrisl . Transaction price: 58001 Gold
01-09-09 09:12: Transferred item(s): 'Thief boots' [60/60] to lightingSword . Transaction price: 1 Gold
01-09-09 09:05: Acquired item: "Thief boots" [60/60] for 23584 gold from Kiskoko as lot #236419

It turned out he bought a pair of boots and kept the thief amulet which is more valuable. This is against the term on the contract that he agreed.

So he basically stole 34,400 gold from me.
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