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Resources in facilities

AuthorResources in facilities
I know the issue has been talked about, but I was trying to buy some gems for a construction and it occurred to me, why don't the facilities raise their prices in response to demand? It seems strange that they would be selling for below what people will pay in the Market, and with the extra money they could offer higher wages and get more workers to make more resources.
because the next step would then be to have artifact production sites that increase their buying prices, since otherwise nobody would sell them the mined components (if they were sold at loss). But then again, the said sites would need to increase their goods prices, since their production would result more expensive. At the same time, in the market, people would rise their prices, to keep their benefits..And so on.

Welcome to the marvellous world of economic inflation ^^'
That would make sense, if the artifacts were themselves in demand their prices would rise to account for the rising cost of raw materials (heh, raw materials, war materiels). Or just rise in the first place to account for the demand for the finished product. (Why would the defender shield guy sell a shield for 3300 when he could get 3500 for it at market?)

OTOH the facilities having unsold stock on hand hour upon hour would tend to push prices down, since they need to move product in order to make gold to keep producing. So in theory more in demand things get more expensive until a) the increased cost drives down demand or b) the increased wage pushes up supply, and less in demand things would see the opposite effect.

The only real inflation comes from the influx of "free" gold from quests, diamonds, and leveling up, plus any direct adjustments made by the admins, minus the loss of flowing gold due to players leaving with stuff on their accounts, gold hoarding, and the various taxes.
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