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I'm not at all pleased with using up AP in fights. Having just turned Level 5 and I was totally shocked with this (no mention in the game manual anywhere about this).

Now that I've seen this in action my conclusion is that it is a very POORLY thought out and executed idea. As it stands the gold from neutrals is extremely low for the AP wasted. Remember there is only one fight per hour (an existing turn off).

What kept me here and what WAS its strength (I'm certain many players would agree) was the fun had with the player fights. This was encouraged as it is also the only place to get any decent experience points. But if you are chewing up your AP's so quickly you just wouldn't bother.

All I can say is that pre level 5 this was an enjoyable experience. Now it is a NON EVENT. I have STOPPED participating in fights due this MAJOR IMBALANCE.

I canít emphasise this enough. My simple recommendation is to FIX this.

Increase available gold to buy these AP items asap and/or significantly increase durability of all items. I am sure I canít be the only player with these thoughts.

I would like an indication from the programmers that this is currently being remedied. If it isn't please state this also.
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The gold you get from hunt + labour should cover your min AP expense. At level 5 the cheapest min AP is at about 40 gold a battle (light axe +def. shield) and that more than easily will be covered by your labour alone.
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