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skiping a battle

Authorskiping a battle
sometimes you'd like to hunt but you don't have the time to, maybe there should be "autocombat" mode, which would set battle like you'd fight, but it'd be over immediately, showing the results of the battle, you still could try it yourself and/or cancel it. There would be more hunting because some people only hunt when they have the time to, and it should be ONLY for hunts, nothing else(maybe merc quests, but you don't do a quest if you know you haven't much time).
so what do you think??
no bad idea the idea of doing hunts it is to spent time cuz if i ahve a piece of cake threat lvl hunt i can do it ur way automaticly so.. i don't agree
srry for posting with my additional account plz don't ban me....
hmm. No. That just ruins the point of hunting. If you don't have time you'll have to wait until you do, such as with anything else.
Agreed with #2 + #4 if i had a hunt that was easy i would just click automatically do it. Its is easy exp and gold and fsp. Imagine a lvl 1-2 who has so many easy hunts they wouldnt learn how to play the game.
u can do it homm with only u playin but with 1000+ players no
no not at all this ruins the fun of game
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