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Merging hunts

AuthorMerging hunts
I know there are still possible to merge in hunts, but I in lvl 9 did not experienced any merged hunts (only in lvl 8 when it was just intoduced - few times)

So My idea is to increase probability and if you are in Yello Lake or in other crowded place - start hunts in xx.00, xx.15 xx.30 and xx.45 by server time. So there will be greater chance to make joining hunts (what will give you +2 hunt exp).

Who would like to join in this test. We could arrange some test time and all start at exact time and see what happens (hopefully not a server crash)..

Looking forward on your feed backs.
no no no!!! the last thing i want is more merged hunts!!!

everytime i try to solo a hard hunt it merges with someone doing another hard hunt alone >.<
i want to help, ill be soon level 9 =)
Might be interesting, all those hunts alone get boring after a while :P
So this Idea is Perfect for you, you start a hunts between those times (so you will have greater chance to avoid it). I think it could be great!

P.S. I have easy fight :) I want to join with someone and get more exp. so I will wait till xx.00 :).

P.P.S. I have hard fight want to set record, do not want that someone joins... hmm lets wait 5 min. more till all merging fights will settle.. And I have chance to set record.
Merge hunt is good for earn hunter guild point.

example, u hunt 26 skeleton dragon and an other with other monster.
next time u still able to hunt 26 skeleton dragon. the amount of monster No increase ;))

So far, i only done 1 merge hunt ;)
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