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clan councel

Authorclan councel
there should be a clan council position where you can vote on clan issues and there should be 11 spots ( so there is no tie in vote)
it should be 12, so that way votes can be discussed more for more definite decisions
what if 6 n 6 then should be odd #
cause if its 11, then a decision is forced even if its not agreeable
if it 11 majority rules if 12 it could be tied then what
i say 12 and if tie the leader can vote other wise the leader should not be able to vote
for azabukinie:

for azabukinie: the leader can vote anyone on the council can make an idea or any member

can i get some mods opinion
for hockeynut:

The leader should make the idea. But if he makes the idea he is always going to vote yes. The leader comes up with the idea. 12 People vote against it if it is a tie then 2 people try to convince the leader at why they think it is right or wrong. Then leader casts deciding vote. They do it in judging
for MasterTI: might work
When the idea is tied, it means it needs revisions and changes.
for MaChaoShu:ok
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