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4% weapon enchant - I pay you 2000 for each percent!

Author4% weapon enchant - I pay you 2000 for each percent!
Extra 4% damage offer - you give me elements or their market price, I return you 2000 gold per percent!

Contact me in PM or just send your weapon and elements to me.

Remember: the best way to send the weapon is a 'Transfer with recall in' 1 day, 0 combats for 1 gold.

The best way to send elements is
https://www.lordswm.com/el_transfer.php (or menu: Character -> Transfer -> Transfer elements)
Type there nickname of the receiver, desired price for sell or 1 gold for enchant, select element type and quantity, fill in the description, choose 'Transfer to receiver's disposal' and push Transfer button.

2000 gold per 1%!
The first person who order the enchant will have it for only 1500 gold, elements provided by me!

My elements + your sword + 1500 gold = your sword with 4% damage to all your troops. Not for mage-mages =)
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