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Ishan's weaponsmith-Gives you 2300 gold back for 1%


AuthorIshan's weaponsmith-Gives you 2300 gold back for 1%
I had recently started enchanting and currently I can enchant 1x1%.

I need all of your support for lvl up in enchanting.

You give:
Art to be enchanted+ meteorite shard
I give:
1 toadstool+Enchanted art+1800 gold back for every 1%

The gold which costs you to get your art enchanted:
2600( meteorite shard)-2300(1800 gold+toadstool)=300 gold only!!!!!

So plz help me out and get your weapon-sword,bow,dagger enchanted by me.

Do give your response here in the forum and PM me about the art you need to get enchanted.
quiet cheaper will recommend to you for small enchantments
waiting time:2hrs.
waiting time:4hrs.

Plz you also come to help me
for all who helped me thanks a lot!!!!

Only 300 gold for one enchantment and that 300 gold aren't earned by me!!!!

I lose my 2300 gold!
So plz get your arts enchanted by me!
And same thing for extra damage with air and water magic.
You get the windflower or ice crystal I'll get the witch bloom and viper venom!
^ I do support him
Waiting time:2 hrs.
Now I can enchant upto 1x2%!!!!!!!
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