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Pang Smith - Free and Low Cost Repair

AuthorPang Smith - Free and Low Cost Repair
Pang's smith is opening again after i recover from bankrupt ;p

Price List:
anything below 1k repair cost: FOC, believe it, it is free.

anything among 1k to 8k repair cost: 50% - 60% fee.

anything more than 8k repair cost: depend on repair fee, negotiation needed.

enhanced artifacts will charged same fee for now.


- owners should drop me a pm while need repair because i wont always check my inventory.

- owners should always check his/her inventory to recall back and paid the repaired artifacts.

- try to not use the 'transfer and recall' option without PM me unless it is below 1k free repair.

- always use 'transfer and recall' option for all FOC repair

- once my gold running low, i will slightly increase the repair fee. this will inform customer before repair.

- due to cheaper service, so try to be patience. i might always have loads of artifacts to repair :)

- checking my transfer log is a good way to show how cheap is the fee :)
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