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Battle Arrenging + Teamspeak option

AuthorBattle Arrenging + Teamspeak option
i have a few adjustments for the games battle system

1.How about you can discuss with your team where you put a member of the team , does not sound neccessary but think about it , 2 dark elfs and an elf group together but the elf is in the top or bottom????

2.How about if you put "/" in front of something only your team can read the messages
try posting this topic in ideas and suggestions...good idea, but i haven't been group battling for a LONG time...
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Ideas and suggestions".
yes thats a good idea talking only to ur teammates.i always have good plans but the opponent always hears it
see thread below and therein

closed by Shebali (2009-03-30 13:50:20)
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