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Combined thief hunt

AuthorCombined thief hunt
1. https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=479050650
2. NISHANK_13 and shourya
3. During this game the thief (shourya[6]) and the other player who was hunted with me (NISHANK_13[6]) played together. As u can see, the thief always attacked only me and NISHANK_13 always attacked me with the volley of bowmen (the only way he had to attack me). I pm him during the game and he replied that it was a bad click. Then he continued to volley on me and to block my swordmen so that i cannot reach the last army of the thief.
you r lucky, because bowman having only 12 shots
and he got nothing the end.
i know what they r going to tell you. this is not violating any rule but bad sportsman spirit ha ha ha. i remember once they told me like that( when my hunting partner doing this to me)
I hope u are wrong... shourya wrote me after the battle sayong that he agreed with the other player (his friend) to win the ambush, but... they didn't expect me...
In that case, you can report them for a staged battle, which IS against the rules.
If needed, i also have the pm shourya sent me
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