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i am the best player in this game


Authori am the best player in this game
She AFK-ed

Honestly I didnt watch the battle, I just pasted it. :-( *embarassed*

actually I ended up the 6th level with 291 wins
Thats what the +/- 2 was for. :-)
Owen is, was and always will be the best thief at level 6.
Well I think Quzya is best thief since he didnt use any diamonds like Owen and CEHEKA did :)
Hmm, maybe the best thief must also use only minimum AP, must ignore talents and play only with skill level 0? =)

After your post I started to think about continuing on thievery =) Some chances to gain this title for 8th level still remain =)
Hmm .. Only me that "Brave Enough" to use nick like RandhyDBest .. I am the best .. xD .. :)
for Owen: YAY .. chase it, Man .. !! ^^
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