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Roulette Formula broken by me !


AuthorRoulette Formula broken by me !
for WarlordFChaos:

Don't worry I don't doubt your theory fully but you must try it yourself ands prove that it's working
Random generator is far more complicated than what explained above.
The pattern will not that simple.
Maybe WarlordFChaos should prove his theory by winning 1 million gold from roulette :)

I just explained it yo u all in easy step but to acutauly do it it's far more complicated :)

and I will not win 1000 000 not because I can't or my formula is incorrect no but because it will take me about 1 month to achieve it but I don't need to :) HOWEVER ...Good job winning 2.1k, when you've won 50k, come back again.
well I will win that gold just for you :) but if I miss it up with this account I will just try it with my extra anyway but I will win that gold for sure :)

thanks all but you STILL havn't proven me wrong because nobody has checked it yet . just try it on paper and dowload any month numbers you want and see for your self that all my formula works roughly more than %80 times so that mean you should win 80 500 gold if you are betting 3000 useing one of my formulas :)
for WarlordFChaos:

Don't worry I don't doubt your theory fully but you must try it yourself ands prove that it's working
for WarlordFChaos:

thank you very much and looking forword to prove it you all :) but as I said I might do it with my extra if I loose here :(
this could be true.
but it's not a formula, its still just a "habitual pattern".
good luck to you, cheers!

thank you friend :)
and to other player use this to download any month you want and check it to see yr self

scroll down and choose one to download ,
Roulette bets total: 3,000
Roulette winnings total: 5,100

Why aren't you rich yet then

very funny :)

anyway this month I think I will achieve massive gold , either by this account or my additional :)
And hahaha I won more than that for now
Roulette bets total: 5,098 Roulette winnings total: 8,896
sorry I shouldn't write that in so please continue comments but only after you had tried it on .
This formula is good; he is winning big on roulette ;)
not yet winning sry but thanks :)
Roulette bets total: 23,398
Roulette winnings total: 25,096

back to 1.7k _
He will sell his arts to play roulette soon believe me. :)
for MyDoom:

He will indeed, ive done it once O_O

Sold everything i had and lost it and then pulled everything back. I still bet occasionly win some loss some but i control my bets.
for hiddenshadow:

You mean:

Roulette bets total: 26,398
Roulette winnings total: 25,096

1.3k down
261 WarlordFChaos Straight up 36 9,396

Congratulations! The fact that you only put in 261 is that you are scared of losing!
offcourse man !

if I put more and lost I would have nothing to bet on mate :)

but I rigret that I was going to put 3000 gold but then my brother said u are stupid so I put onl 261 gold but then I won .

by the way I was using a new formula which I'm not done yet doing some maths and proves on it but it's coming today I think :)
Its like you dont know the story of ofca, he was once 2M+ up in roulette now hes 1.5M down and bankrupt. No one can beat roulette in the long run.
no I' gonna have to disgree with you mate u see... Hatred is the god of roulette he won 2M+up and he won it sense almost 1 year ago and still not bankrupt and will not be !
you knwo why ofca lost ?

1: because he got greedy {he could has stoped roulette for every and kept the gold }

2: he was soo stupid to bet only on 1 number for more than 10 hours and 10k each spin so that's how he lost .

u will see that roulette can give alot of gold but you have to be careful ,patient and smart .
you knwo why ofca lost ?
sorry little mistake it's know
stoped roulette for every and kept the gold }
another one very sorry it's ever not every .
Just want to tell you that numbers that i played most are 8,10,12,17,20,26 and second dozen!Just look at spin history now!
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