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[Weapon Enchant 3*7] Order 2*7 and get 7% free!

Author[Weapon Enchant 3*7] Order 2*7 and get 7% free!
Once more I've got this offer.
Order [A7W7] enchant and get E7 for free!
Elements needed:
Windflower - 7 pcs. or 33600
Witch bloom - 7 pcs. or 5600
Ice crystal - 7 pcs. or 32900
Viper venom - 7 pcs. or 11200

Hurry, only 2 offers available!
Still here, the blacksmith is open now.
One offer is reserved, waiting for the second customer.
The blacksmith is busy till June 22.
Busy until June 25.
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