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Has anyone seen a closer fight?

AuthorHas anyone seen a closer fight?

This titan had 1 life left
Yeap, I've seen a necro beating a caravan of demons and remaining with 1 hp left on the only one skel left. These kind of fights are funny nevertheless. :)

(I've seen the draws as well but with knight.)
are you kidding me?A heelhound was striked by escort and had 1 hp left_._
i've seen ties... many ties :p
An elf killed me once with 2 times resurrected unicorn with 1 hp left in pvp. That was my closest. Dont have the link :-(
In 2nd lvl i fought with pumpkinhead on halloween. I lose when he had 1 HP (he started with 111)
I lost to a barbarian caravan, they had last cyclops with 16hp. I was angry :D
can i see these draw matches :l

My closest fight ^
My closest fight is when I was fighting Succubi Monster at a lower level and it killed me but i killed it too! :D
can somebody give a link of a draw duel?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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