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Barbarian Faction


AuthorBarbarian Faction
Lets keep this one alive fellow barbarians.

I have an interesting questions. What are the lowest possible cost/battle arts combination that adds up to 8 AP?
Well, I have a mult that has 7k and 7/9 arts which cost 15k in inventory. Which talent should i get when level 5?
for Albertsen:
I'm no barbarian but I think one of the cheapest art combinations that adds up to 8 AP (which I used recently) is Sword of Retribution+Defender shield which is about 280 gold per battle.
There could be cheaper ones though but this is the one that I know of
light axe + leather armor + def shield + medal of bravery..
any answer for number 2 post?
im not a barbarian, but i guess u can take basic luck?
Other than luck please
Other than luck please
morale maybe? though i prefer luck

basic offense doesn't make much difference so i think it's better to have some luck or additional morale for your troops
thrusting might i have a multi whos barbarain and thrusting might works good
at lvl 5 the better one is luck, if u dont want it by any reason try morale
i need help i have stunning blow and thrusting might for lvl 5 but no hobs should i keep my recruiting at ogres ,orcs, wolfs and my talent the way it is
Barbs just suck
for filowarrior:

i don't agree

imho, hobs the best, the damage they dish out when in large numbers is amazing.
11: u should do whatever u can to take hobs, they r better than non-upgraded raider, and all will be easier to u with them, at least until lvl 8. luck is better than thrustin might at lvl 5 IMHO.
he wants to know the best recruiting w/ hobs, so i gave him the answer..
First, get MAX orcs, then ogres, then hobs. good guide
Reprisal Sword + Defender Shield + Amulet of Luck OR Medal of Bravery (for Albersten)
11: i don't have gobs to recruit yet
then maybe is time to start investing in hobs
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