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why r all of u picking on kushika5
[Player banned by moderator Skunder until 2009-07-01 12:36:31 // Um, let's see... blatant disrepect for other players. Let's start there.]
I dont know that... but i know that you are a cheater:D
Multi transfers between you characters. + you have 3 add cha. you are only allowed to have 2..:D
Kushika 5 - 8 has been spoken to. yes there are various rule breaks within their accounts which will are explained and will be dealth with. Both sides of the 'witch hunt' can now just take a breather, relax, and then go to a battle and get their frustrations out knowing that 'Yes, the world will be ok.'
closed by Skunder (2009-07-01 04:46:49)
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